Lynx™ Fleet, the connected cold chain solution

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility, Control and Intelligence.

Lynx Fleet open ecosystem

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Lynx Fleet open ecosystem will intelligently monitor connected refrigeration systems from anywhere in the world, providing vital information for producers, drivers, transport managers and retailers on the products being transported and the vehicles transporting them. The digital system will provide access to live service for each connected refrigeration unit, helping to aid fleet management procedures and ensure minimal disruption through vehicle downtime. It can be customized to meet customer needs and will continue to evolve.

The new Lynx Fleet software offers operators 24/7 access to a wealth of valuable data on their refrigeration systems, including but not limited to advanced remote temperature monitoring, two-way operational management and control capability, in-depth service and utilization reports, geo-fencing, operational alarms.

A vision for a more connected ecosystem

Lynx Fleet is part of Carrier’s Lynx digital solution, will apply advanced IoT, machine learning and analytics technology to connect the cold chain, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey.


Key benefits



Optimize equipment utilization—automation enables proactive fleet management



Anytime, anywhere, end-to-end monitoring reduces potential supply chain disruptions and product rejections



Open eco-system delivers comprehensive visibility—enabling close collaborationwith management, business operationsand partners



Sustainable solutions that reduce product and food waste, improve fuel efficiencies and cut GHG emissions



Leverage the largest service network in EMEA—Carrier is your trusted provider, delivering confidence


Optimizing Equipment Utilization

  • Centralized data stream delivers proactive decision making to maximize resources and balance usage across the fleet
  • Geo-fencing alerts at entrancesand exits automate delivery appointments
  • Gain insights into customer needs based on usage—time on the road
  • Remote management of equipment with 2-way commands for compartment on/off, defrost, running mode -Impact: 15%* reduction on running hours thus reducing fuel consumption

*Based on internal Carrier study


 Maximizing cold chain visibility – anytime, anywhere

  • Maximize control: compliant with EN12830—define set points, outline alert settings, respond to email notifications 
  • Comprehensive real-time temperature reports highlight excursion events
  • Visibility into truck/trailer location—together or as separate assets
  • Insight for immediate requirements or scheduled maintenance for prioritization


 Visibility via comprehensive open ecosystem

  • Open eco-system enables close collaboration with management, business operations and partners
  • Intuitive user interface delivers a single view into all reefer data via map, satellite, data extract
  • Data-driven decision making by integrating LYNX Fleet with your TMS, WMS and other systems
  • Customized reporting for personalizing fleets and sub-fleets


 Achieving sustainability goals

  • Monitor engine hours and fuel level
  • Utilize two-way commands to manage compartment for reduced running hours and CO2 emissions
  • Compliant with latest cold chain regulations: EN12830 (2018)
  • Establish current usage and best practices to set goals, identify areas of improvement and monitor success


Aggregates data across a fleet of connected assets


Triggers notifications based on manual and smart thresholds


Enables proactive outreach to prevent product waste


Improves fleet efficiency for increased ROI