High ambient temperatures

In high ambient climates, sustaining the cold chain is more important than anywhere else. Our ranges deliver unmatched capacity and constant airflow. Truck operators can depend on reliable protection of perishables. Carrier Transicold proposes special product ranges, Oasis and Supra trucks to answer the rigors of high temperatures, up to +50°C, in mono or multi-temperature for trucks. Combining aerodynamics styling and reliability, the products have been designed with rugged and durable material to resist harsh conditions. All components have gone through UV and chemicals resistance testing to operate in extreme climates.

Carrier Oasis Easy Cold Unit

Carrier Supra 1250 refrigerator uni

Low ambient temperatures

Units also need to be able to operate in extreme low-ambient temperatures, with abilities to not only cool, but to warm the load space during winter. Carrier Transicold products enable transportation in extreme temperature conditions.