Specialty Transport Refrigeration Solutions

Keeping goods cool on the road is challenging.

Traveling across countries, at any time of the day or in extreme temperatures. Whatever type of goods you are transporting, Carrier Transicold has the right solution. They are there to help you respect cold chain standards, be cost effective, reduce impact on the environment and deliver goods to your customers in optimal condition.



In the aim to Carrier’s goal to reduce customers’ carbon footprint by 1 gigaton while continuing to improve and innovate, we develop sustainable, high-performance refrigeration solutions to reduce environmental impact and maximize overall economic value today and tomorrow.

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City Distribution

As regulation is getting tougher in Europe, Carrier Transicold answers with a comprehensive and innovative line of best-of-breed, environmentally-friendly solutions.

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Pharmaceutical Transport

Through industry-leading services, solutions and expertise across all aspects of the cold chain, Carrier is moving the cold chain forward to help preserve, protect and extend the world’s supply of medicine.

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Carrier understands that “fresh” is not simply about how recently produce was harvested or products were created. It is also about the conditions in which they have been transported.

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Flowers are as delicate as they seem. Composed of around 70-95% of water, temperature control is a major concern to keep optimum freshness of these live products. Carrier Transicold presents its solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive flowers.

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Extreme Climate

Carrier Transicold has designed special ranges of refrigeration units for extreme low ambient and high ambient temperatures, that feature our unique high-capacity heating and cooling.

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