Vector eCool™: The First Autonomous Electric Refrigeration System

100% electric, 100% autonomous, 100% power

Carrier Transicold has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing emissions, improving sustainability and increasing efficiency across the refrigerated transport sector with the launch of the first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system, the Vector® eCool™.

This new technology represents a giant step forward for trailer refrigeration. The eCool™ system is a sustainable solution that ticks all of the boxes of electrification and decarbonisation that produces no direct engine polluting emission.

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A sustainable and low noise solution

Utilising a new energy recovery and storage system, the Vector eCool converts kinetic energy generated by the trailer axle and brakes into electricity, that is then stored in a battery pack powering the refrigeration unit. This loop creates a fully autonomous system that produces no direct carbon dioxide or particulate emissions.

The Vector eCool is also PIEK-compliant, meaning when use with City versions of the Vector® HE 19, the operating noise of the system is below 60 dB(A). Combined with its emissions performance, the Vector eCool provides the ultimate solution to tightening inner-city and urban regulations.

Key benefits



No direct engine polluting emission.



Move to a full electrical solution without any autonomy issues.



E-drive technology allows for maximum cooling capacity and reduced maintenance.



PIEK compliant -60dB(A).

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Energy optimization

The Vector eCool is more than a simple solution designed to store electricity in a battery pack. This system is a comprehensive energy management system that monitors the energy input and output of the battery pack to provide the best balance between autonomy, cold chain and return on investment.

The battery pack is consequently able to recharge itself automatically according to its environment and to the customer's application.


Battery axle
Carrier Transicold has partnered with European chassis-related manufacturer experts to design Vector eCool's axle: VALX and SAF-HOLLAND. By collaborating with professionals of the sector on this innovative solution, Carrier & VALX and SAF-HOLLAND have the potential to completely change the face of refrigerated transport.
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