Grupo Perea is First in Spain to Use Carrier Transicold’s New, High Efficiency Trailer Refrigeration Unit, Advancing Sustainability Goals

Madrid, Spain -

Grupo Perea SA, a company specialized in national and international refrigerated transport with a fleet of more than 200 Euro-6-certified vehicles, has become the first company in Spain to mount 25 new state-of-the-art Carrier Transicold Vector® HE 19 (High Efficiency) multi-temperature (MT) trailer refrigeration units. The addition aligns with the company’s eagerness to adopt more sustainable solutions with less emissions. Carrier Transicold is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. 

The new Vector HE 19 MT trailer refrigeration unit is optimized for maintenance and features an up to 10%* reduction in weight, up to a 19%* reduction in energy consumption and up to 30%* reduction in fuel consumption, which is the equivalent of 5.4 tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions per year. The standard version has reduced its noise emissions up to 3dB(A)*. The model is also available in a CITY version that is also PIEK certified. 

"For more than a year, the system has shown us high reliability and efficiency while we have been carrying out a test with Carrier Transicold, and therefore, we expect a very satisfactory report," according to Juan José Perea, General Director, Grupo Perea SA, who said he continues to trust in Carrier Transicold’s high-level technology. 

The units have been mounted on semi-trailers from the Indetruck Alcoy brand. Telematic improvements have also been made in order to parameterize more temperature data as well as the running gear. 

Featuring E-DRIVETM all-electric technology, removing the mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven cooling systems, Carrier Transicold has transformed the power of the Vector HE 19 engine into electricity using a generator. Carrier Transicold has further consolidated its E-DRIVE technology by adding a new scroll compressor. It is completely sealed and has just one moving part, compared with six previously, reducing the risk of refrigerant leaks and lowering energy consumption. 

The unit includes a new, multispeed Stage V compliant diesel engine with electronic engine control, a single, ultra-efficient evaporator fan, the proven performance of a hermetic compressor and economizer and the efficiency of a microchannel heat exchanger condenser. 

Another new feature incorporated in the system is the "up flow" concept, which facilitates the flow of air from the front to the top, thereby reducing noise and energy consumption. The new unit also has an air flow management system based on the Coanda effect, which means the air adheres closely to the roof in order to go as far as possible to the rear of the trailer to optimize interior ventilation and ensure precise control of the cold chain. Equipped with the APX™ control system, which uses Controller Area Network (CAN) technology, this new version provides multi-speed motor control and manages the actuators and sensors to optimize the regulation of refrigerant flow and temperature. 

In terms of maintenance, the operating time between oil changes has doubled from 1,500 hours to 3,000 hours*. Finally, to ensure the very best user experience, Carrier Transicold has incorporated a large graphic display in the Vector HE 19, for the first time in Europe. With these innovations, operators now benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and operating costs, while reducing the impact on the environment. 

“The new Vector HE 19 unit delivers huge performance advantages for our customers in just about every area,” said Bertrand Gueguen, president, International Truck Trailer, Carrier Transicold. “The unit combines current innovative technology, like the all-electric E-DRIVE, with new technology designed to significantly improve performance and positively impact fleet efficiency and sustainability. We’re looking forward to improving our customers’ fleet efficiency and performance.” 

The Vector HE 19 unit is available in up to three different compartment configurations, and it provides high and constant levels of heating to all compartments, thanks to the E-DRIVE technology, which significantly improves temperature regulation for multi-temperature operation.

About Carrier Transicold 

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