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GEORGSMARIENHÜTTE, Basse-Saxe, Germany -

Carrier Transicold Vector™ 1950 MT Refrigeration Units Help SWIFT-Logistik Maintain Its Reputation for Quality

GEORGSMARIENHÜTTE, Germany, June__, 2014 – Refrigerated carrier SWIFT-Logistik GmbH is tapping the power of Carrier Transicold Germany’s Vector™ 1950 MT multi-temperature refrigeration unit to help the fleet maintain its high standards for customer satisfaction. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping of temperature-controlled cargoes with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers, and is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Known for its rapid temperature pull-down and constant cold, the Vector 1950 MT unit used on most of SWIFT-Logistik’s 30 refrigerated trailers features Carrier Transicold’s patented E-Drive™ all-electric refrigeration technology. E-Drive technology eliminates the need for mechanical transmissions common in belt-driven systems, because refrigeration, heating and air purification are 100 percent electric, and powered over the road by an onboard generator driven by the unit’s diesel engine.

In addition to providing efficient and precise refrigeration for the fleet, the Vector 1950 MT system generates enough electricity to power a third-party ionization system now being tested by SWIFT-Logistik and designed to eliminate harmful substances from the atmosphere inside its trailers, giving rise to the hauler’s new branding, “Air Quality – Reine Luft (Clean Air).”

In keeping with SWIFT-Logistik’s strategy of employing leading-edge technology for the benefit of its customers, the fleet is one of the first haulers to use ionization technology for improved air quality, according to Hermann Molitor, managing director of Langenfeld-based SWIFT-Logistik. 

“The Vector 1950 MT unit produces electricity that we can use to clean the air inside the trailer,” said Molitor. “By sending ions into the trailer, viruses and mold spores are captured and eliminated so they will not proliferate inside. With conventional belt-driven units, this would be much more complicated, if not impossible. Over time, demand for this level of air quality will increase throughout the entire food industry.” 

The ionization device — installed inside the Vector system’s dual evaporator — can be activated automatically or by the driver. Both the ionization device and the evaporator are installed behind the circulation wall and only the control panel is visible. 

To help ensure customers’ products are transported under optimal temperature conditions, SWIFT-Logistik takes full advantage of the Vector 1950 MT unit’s sophisticated control capabilities. 

“We safeguard the product, and this is especially important when it comes to the most temperature-sensitive goods,” Molitor said, explaining that SWIFT-Logistik delivers fresh goods, including fruits and vegetables, pharmaceutical products, technical products and hazardous materials. Each type of cargo requires a specific temperature range. 

By using the Vector unit’s IntelliSet™ control feature, the fleet has 27 distinct temperature profiles for various types of loads it carries. Instead of configuring multiple settings, such as for temperature ranges and airflow, every time cargo is loaded, operators can simply select a single IntelliSet profile with the parameters pre-programmed, saving time and reducing the chance of operator error.

 “Thanks to the electric controls, we are able to precisely set the refrigeration parameters,” said Molitor. Another function, called OptiCOLD™, ensures tight temperature control to +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius of set point. In addition to controlling the cleanliness and the temperature of the air within its trailers, SWIFT-Logistik takes refrigeration control to the air by using wireless two-way communication that enables dispatchers to remotely set the required refrigeration unit functions, such as the temperature range and operating state. “One of the biggest risks to refrigerated cargo is human error,” said Molitor. 

“By taking advantage of the Vector 1950 MT unit’s sophisticated control technologies via our dispatch centre, we can eliminate risks as much as possible. This helps us to maintain the high quality standards we have set for ourselves and our customers.” 

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