Carrier® Transicold’s Vector 1950™ Unit Helps Spedition Heidelmann Meet Exacting Standards

Georgsmarienhütte, Germany -

GEORGSMARIENHÜTTE, Germany, Jan. xx, 2014 – Spedition Heidelmann, a leading German refrigerated transporter, has chosen Carrier Transicold Germany’s Vector 1950 unit with E-Drive™ technology to meet its customers’ food transport requirements and help them comply with strict European regulations for refrigerated transport. Carrier Transicold helps improve global transport and shipping temperature control with a complete line of equipment for refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers; and is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).
Spedition Heidelmann has a fleet of 51 trucks, 57 trailers and 15 delivery vehicles. It uses most of them for temperature-controlled transport, because 90 percent of the goods distributed by Spedition Heidelmann require refrigeration. Since the company is part of the European Food Network, it must rely more than ever on high-performance equipment.
“We need reliable refrigeration units, which bring peace of mind,” said Christian Bischoff, head of quality management and technology, Spedition Heidelmann. “I trust the Vector 1950 unit because I know that its technology and performance will meet the needs of my customers.”
    Transportation of temperature-controlled fresh and perishable goods is a complex process that must achieve high quality standards. Spedition Heidelmann has developed its own quality management system to help ensure that it meets the requirements of International Featured Standards (IFS) Logistics, version 2, which is a standard for auditing all logistics activities for food and non-food products that applies to delivery by road, rail or ship of frozen/refrigerated products or such products without cooling.
“Our company standards exceed our customers’ requirements, and the high-performance Vector cooling unit meets those high standards,” said
The Vector 1950 unit delivers a refrigeration capacity of 18,800 watts, enabling the unit to perform precise temperature control and fast pull-down speeds even with multiple door openings. The Vector 1950 unit’s IntelliSet programmable controls can pre-set temperature ranges to help avoid any mistakes when setting the required temperature for hauling specific cargoes. 
“The IntelliSet programmability was among the determining reasons why we chose the Vector 1950 unit,” Bischoff explained. “It allows the driver to program specific settings for each customer. For example, if the company is on the road for the European Food Network, the driver just needs to press the corresponding button and the temperature is set. It’s that simple.” 

Using Carrier’s patented E-Drive all-electric technology, the Vector 1950 unit removes a large number of serviceable parts from the refrigeration cycle. This substantially reduces maintenance and downtime, another important factor for Spedition Heidelmann in its decision to choose Vector 1950 units.  “We expect the leak rate will be below three percent,” Bischoff said. 

In addition to product features, Spedition Heidelmann based its purchase decision on Carrier Transicold’s extensive European service network, which includes more than 600 service centers and 1,700 fully-trained technicians across Europe.
“After the purchase, we expect a quality service network from our suppliers,” Bischoff said. “If we face a problem with our refrigeration unit, we expect it to be serviced by a qualified technician on site within a few hours.”
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