Carrier Makes Donation to the European Food Banks Federation to Help Reduce Food Insecurity in Europe


Carrier has donated approximately €35,000 to the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) through two of its Refrigeration businesses, Carrier Transicold, provider of cold chain solutions for road transport, and Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, supplier of high-efficiency turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail industry. The mission of FEBA, a network of 341 Food Banks in 30 European countries, is to prevent food waste and reduce food insecurity. Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR) is the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

“Food Banks have never been so necessary, and solidarity has never been as important as today: a concrete sign to build a cohesive community,” said Jacques Vandenschrik, FEBA President. “We are very grateful to Carrier because with this partnership we can support our members in a period when our mission is crucial. With this help, we will be able to save more good food from becoming waste and assist charities helping people in need affected by the cost-of-living crisis.”

Carrier’s donation supports 11 countries across Europe. In the European Union, nearly 57 million tonnes of food waste (127 kg per person) are generated annually with an associated value of approximately €130 billion, according to FEBA. At the same time, approximately 36.2 million people cannot afford a quality meal every second day. In addition, the latest studies on food security and nutrition have shown an increase of nearly 10% of people affected by hunger around the globe.

“Hunger, exclusion and poverty are inexorably related, meanwhile food is wasted at an alarming scale around the globe. As a result, every gram of food lost represents a waste of the necessary resources it requires to be produced, with a huge environmental impact, estimated at 4.4 gigatons of annual greenhouse gas emissions in the world,” said Victor Calvo, Vice President & General Manager, International Truck Trailer, Carrier Transicold. “At Carrier, we are committed to helping reduce food waste and eliminate hunger, so we take action through donations, trainings and cold chain development programs. We thank the European Food Banks Federation for their tremendous work, humanity and solidarity to help people in need access food.”

The network redistributed more than 900,000 tonnes of food in 2021 through more than 45,000 charities and helped assist 11.8 million people in need. Two out of three FEBA members have experienced an increase in the amount of food requested by charities.

As part of its 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals and driven by its commitment to positively impact communities by alleviating hunger and food waste, Carrier has long supported organizations that focus on eliminating hunger.

Carrier’s refrigeration businesses will continue to fight against hunger, food waste and loss by supporting the work of food banks and by providing healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent cold chain solutions for the transport of perishable goods.

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