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Carrier Transicold’s Lynx Fleet Telematics Solution Helps Roamer Transport Inc. Improve Uptime and Save Truck Loads


Roamer Transport Inc. has adopted Carrier Transicold’s LynxTM Fleet telematics solution across its 39-trailer fleet, aiming to deliver superior reliability and uptime to shippers of temperature-controlled freight. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Roamer Transport Inc. hauls fresh and frozen food between distribution centers across the U.S., priding itself on protecting the security and stability of perishable products.

“Utilization is essential for a fleet our size,” said Andrew Williams, Manager of Safety and Operations, Roamer Transport Inc. “Our trailers are in service almost constantly. There are a lot of passive monitoring systems out there, but only Lynx Fleet lets us see how each reefer unit is performing and manage it remotely. It saves time and, in some instances, has saved loads.”

Standard on most Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration units (TRUs), Lynx Fleet provides GPS location data and essential monitoring, including alerts for geofenced arrivals and departures, temperature setpoint deviations, low fuel and battery levels and unexpected changes in operating modes and power settings. The Lynx Fleet Monitor & Enhanced Control plan, the highest level of the offering’s three service tiers, adds the ability to:

  • Run pre-trip inspections remotely to verify that the batteries are charged, fuel tanks are topped off and equipment is ready to go.
  • Monitor each unit’s performance and diagnostic status from the web-enabled Lynx Fleet dashboard and share reports with technicians on engine hours, operation of compressors, evaporators, temperature probes and other vital components. This helps to ensure full operating functionality and to provide guidance when it is time for preventive maintenance.
  • Update software and download operational data wirelessly, reducing the need to bring the trailer to a technician.
  • Schedule service automatically. When an event is critical, Lynx Fleet can locate the nearest Carrier Transicold dealer, helping to minimize disruptions and protect the freight inside the trailer.
  • Upload and manage IntelliSet™ control configurations, synchronizing every unit in the fleet with the same temperature configurations.

“Off the top of my head, I can think of four loads that have been saved by Lynx Fleet telling us that, for example, low battery voltage caused the reefer not to start when it was on start-stop mode,” said Williams. “Right away, the system gives us the information to determine whether to route the vehicle to a Carrier dealer for repair or manage the issue ourselves. That alone saves time and money. And, if we have to call the customer, we’re communicating a solution, not a problem.”

Lynx Fleet was developed expressly for Carrier Transicold TRUs and includes a factory-equipped 4G LTE communications module, antenna and wiring harness.  Peripheral components like fuel sensors, temperature probes, door switches and solar panels can be specified as needed. Activation requires a data plan and commissioning by an authorized Carrier Transicold dealer.

The Lynx Fleet web interface is just one way to view and manage data collected from Carrier TRUs. The information can be easily shared with most major transportation management systems (TMS) for one-way monitoring and two-way control. Roamer Transport Inc. incorporates Lynx Fleet location data into its dispatch system and shares TRU maintenance information with Carrier Transicold dealers so they can maintain service intervals and minimize downtime.

“No other telematics solution offers as much insight into the operation of Carrier units as Lynx Fleet,” said Scott Blair, Senior Digital Program Manager, Lynx Fleet Telematics. “Roamer Transport Inc. has high standards, and we’re pleased that our telematics solution is helping them deliver the service their customers expect.”

For more information about Lynx Fleet, contact Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.

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