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Awards and Recognition


Carrier's Lynx® Digital Platform

Carrier’s Lynx® digital platform, developed in collaboration with AWS, will apply advanced IoT, machine learning and analytics technology to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey. Lynx will help Carrier customers to optimize cold chain operations, decrease energy use and enhance outcomes with reduced costs, delays, cargo loss and spoilage in transit.

2022 Edison Award 2021 Fast Company Award

Carrier Transicold's Vector eCool™
all-electric trailer refrigeration system

Carrier Transicold has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing emissions, improving sustainability and increasing efficiency across the refrigerated transport sector with the launch of the first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system, the Vector eCool™. This new technology represents a giant step forward for trailer refrigeration. The eCool™ system is a sustainable solution that ticks all of the boxes of electrification and decarbonization that produces no direct engine polluting emission.

2022 E + E Leader Top Product Of The Year Award 2022 Fast Company Award 2021 Noise Abatement Society Award 2021 TCS&D Innovation Award 2021 Community of Madrid Award


Carrier Transicold's sustainable Supra® CNG refrigerated transport refrigeration units with compressed natural gas, efficiently and sustainably transport perishables around the world.

2021 HDT Top 20 Products Award 2018 IAA Trailer Innovation Award 2017 Solutrans Innovation Award

Carrier's PowerCO2OL™ System
for High Capacity Refrigeration

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is a leading supplier of high-efficiency refrigeration systems and services. More than 15 years ago, Carrier pioneered the use of CO2 for food retail refrigeration and has been advancing its leadership in this area ever since, producing more than 20,000 CO2 racks until today, while expanding into cold storage applications. PowerCO2OL is Carrier’s most powerful refrigeration rack, combining sustainable CO2 refrigeration with energy efficiency that can achieve up to 30% energy savings.

2021 ATMO Gold Innovation of the Year Award