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PlantCTRL™ system

The management & monitoring system for your cooling and heating production plant

The PlantCTRL™ system regulates and controls all Carrier thermal production plants operation. This system is compatible with all existing and new Carrier equipment from two to several chillers and/ or heat pumps. 


Available for all applications, this system is able to manage all cooling & heating production components and all associated hydraulic devices:

  • Chillers
  • Heat pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • Dry coolers
  • Energy metering
  • Valves and pumps

For process and comfort

Industry / Process
  • Automation system
  • Secure your production
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Save on maintenance & energy costs
Tertiary / Comfort
  • Manage & control your HVAC plant
  • Optimize your energy consumption
  • Comply with energy regulations
  • Earn building certification credits
Local and remote monitoring
It is possible to monitor the installation locally with the user interface of the PlantCTRL™ box or from a PC. You have also the possibility to monitor the installation remotely from a BMS or from any other interface (PC, tablet, ...). Both monitoring options provide access to all equipment operating parameters in real time:
  • Installation synoptics
  • Operating curves
  • Schedule programming
  • Event reports
  • Components states
  • Recorded data
Key features
  • Command & control your hvac installation
  • Manage the energy
  • Secure the operation
  • Monitor the installation