Willis Carrier's invention of modern air conditioning in 1902 opened the door to countless new opportunities and forever changed our world. At Carrier Marine & Offshore, we bring that same pioneering spirit and pursuit of innovation to solve cooling challenges at sea.

Meeting Customer Needs Across the Seas - Whatever Your Application

For passenger ship owners, we balance consistent guest comfort with efficiency and low operating costs. And we partner with engineers to create total systems focused on maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

In the offshore industry, Carrier has a proven reputation for reliability and performance. We custom-design solutions for process and comfort cooling that are capable of withstanding some of the world's toughest work conditions.

Commercial vessel customers, from world-leading shippers to the military, count on Carrier to provide reliable, efficient solutions to keep people and cargo cool - and keep on schedule.

Dedicated Support

Our leadership on the seas stems not only from our expertise in product design and innovation, but our commitment to service and support as well. Across all business segments, we stand behind our products with comprehensive warranties and maintenance programs, along with energy services, re-fits and more. Plus, knowing that downtime is not an option when you have a schedule to keep, we have an extensive parts network to get customers the parts they need faster. Download our overview brochure to learn more about Carrier Marine & Offshore solutions.

United Technologies Marine Solutions

Several of our companies at United Technologies have been suppliers to the international maritime and offshore industries for decades, and by coordinating our activities under one marine umbrella we are able to utilize our latest technology and offer a wide portfolio of marine solutions, services and expertise to ship builders, ship owners and operators worldwide. Download our overview brochure to learn more about United Technologies Marine solutions.

Logo - Autronica

Everyone needs to sleep safely at night. Especially those who haven't seen shore for days. Since 1957, Autronica has been a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety worldwide. Autronica's products ensure safety in applications on land, sea and in the petrochemical, oil and gas sectors.

Autronica employs more than 450 people handling the complete value chain, from idea, development and manufacturing to the marketing, sales and servicing of their products. In the maritime market, Autronica equipment is installed on thousands of vessels all over the world, making sure tens of thousands of crew and passengers are safe.

Logo - Marioff

Marioff was the first company to invent and develop high pressure water mist fire protection in early 1990 and started its journey by certifying and introducing its HI-FOG® system to the maritime and offshore industries. Since early 1990 the spirit lives on in a story of continuous growth, and today Marioff's HI-FOG® is the leading brand among water mist fire protection systems both on land and at sea.

Numerous shipyards, ship owners and offshore operators have realized the benefits of HI-FOG® and have decided to use HI-FOG® as the primary fire protection system for machinery spaces as well as for accommodation areas.

Logo - Otis

Otis is the world's leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. After 150 years in business, There are approximately 2.5 million Otis elevators and escalators in operation worldwide and more than 1.8 million elevators and escalators serviced by Otis worldwide.

As early as 1915, the U.S. Navy contracted Otis for an elevator system that would accurately stop and level in a rolling sea. Since that time, Otis has provided numerous marine elevators for ships around the world. Otis is now taking its advanced high rise building technology into the maritime segment through the acquisition of the Spanish Enor elevator company in 2012. Otis is strengthening its position in the maritime industry by combining marine elevator and escalator expertise, services and customized solutions with a global presence and innovative solutions for improved performance and reduced energy consumption.