Pulsor eCool™: The fully-electric unit for LCVs

The electric revolution for refrigerated transport

Settled as the best ultra-low emission solution for customers choosing to operate in a modern, electric urban delivery, the Pulsor eCool is the first of its kind. It is specifically designed to operate directly from the high voltage DC current generated by the batteries powering an electric light commercial vehicle (LCV).


100% electric

E-Drive™ technology


Smart refrigeration

Ready to exchange data with vehicle in live for an optimized and peaceful journey


Plug & play solution

Operates directly from the high voltage DC

E-Drive™ technology

The use of Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive technology – first developed for the Vector® trailer units in 1999 – allows for rapid temperature pull-down and high refrigeration capacity through electric power. The setup removes the traditional mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven refrigeration systems and instead transforms the engine power into electricity to drive a variable speed compressor, reducing the risk of refrigerant leaks and making it ideally suited to operate with batteries.

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A new way to power your unit

The original Pulsor system was the first LCV unit to harness the electrification potential of Carrier’s E-Drive™ technology. This original design allowed it to be prepared for the challenges posed by vehicle electrification. The development of the Pulsor eCool means users can operate the refrigeration unit without the need of an additional battery pack or a voltage converter. It delivers a sustainable, cost-effective and powerful plug & play solution.

Background-flexibility-and-sustainability Background-flexibility-and-sustainability
The urban delivery solution
Calling on more than two decades of reliable performance from the E-Drive, Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor range is already an ideal fit for urban delivery fleets that make frequent stops with multiple door openings. Now, the Pulsor eCool will help the urban logistics players that are increasingly turning toward battery-powered vehicles continue to maintain temperature integrity throughout the delivery cycle – even when working in congested city centres.
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