Electrify your cold chain

Carrier's suite of low to ultra-low emission electric refrigeration units that meet the demands inherent to market transformation

Making sustainable inroads into the future

Carrier Transicold knows sustainability is key to optimizing resources for future generations. In the aim to Carrier’s goal to reduce customers’ carbon footprint by 1 gigaton while continuing to improve and innovate, we develop sustainable, high-performance refrigeration solutions to reduce environmental impact and maximize overall economic value today and tomorrow.

Background-flexibility-and-sustainability Background-flexibility-and-sustainability
At the crossroads of flexibility and sustainability

Today standards and regulations are continually evolving, aimed at limiting noise emissions and pollution. To help our customers satisfy these demands while also curbing costs, Carrier Transicold has developed a range of engineless refrigeration technology systems that drive energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Why electric solutions?

Carrier Transicold has been pioneering electrification for more than 20 years. It all started with the strategic launch of our E-Drive™ all-electric technology in 1999, transforming mechanical transmissions into electricity. This was the gateway to fully electrifying our refrigeration units and replacing fossil fuel engines.

Electrification has been continuously growing in the passenger car industry over the years and is now significantly evolving the truck OEM industry by reaching cold chain transport equipment. Carrier Transicold is fully embracing and acting upon this transformation.

Today, Carrier Transicold is proud to offer an electric solution for 100% of our vehicle ranges.

Vector eCool
Pulsor eCool
Syberia eCool
Neos eCool
Battery packs to power next-gen refrigeration units

Carrier Transicold now offers a suite of battery packs to meet the demands inherent to market transformation. Battery packs are coupled with refrigeration systems in order to provide electric power directly to the unit.

For LCVs and light duty trucks, Mastervolt batteries are a good fit to power refrigeration units with smaller electrical power needs. For medium, heavy-duty trucks and trailers, Carrier Transicold has partnered with the Portuguese technology company AddVolt.

Battery packs: chemistry matters

When it comes to Lithium-ion batteries, numerous options exist - but none are perfect, and each comes with technological advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, multiple criteria should factor into finding the best balance for your application.

Carrier Transicold has chosen a battery technology bundling the best-case scenario for criteria:

Key to preserving unit operation
and product life

Available power
Provides maximum available power from common chemistries for high-consumption devices

Safety of operation
One of the best-balanced chemistry types for the highest stability

Technology cost
Avoids overly rare materials to ensure well-balanced pricing for this level of energy storage

Hero-battery-packs Hero-battery-packs

The right pack for your application

Carrier Transicold offers a range of medium and large format battery packs: 

  • AddVolt battery boxes for truck & trailer
  • Power boxes for trucks
  • Mastervolt batteries for LCVs
Up to 7.2t
Light Duty Truck
7.2t to 12t
Medium Duty Truck
12t to 19t
Heavy Duty Truck
19t to 26t
Tractor Semi-Trailer
Battery (Mastervolt) X X
Battery (Addvolt) X X X X
Power Box X X X X
Eco-Drive X X X
Engineless (TRU) X X X

Mastervolt is a brand of Mastervolt International B.V. Snijdersbergweg 93 NL-1105 AN Amsterdam – NL

Addvolt is a brand of ADDVOLT S.A. R. Santos Dias 1121 E5, 4465-255 São Mamede de Infesta, Portugal