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Keep Heat and Humidity at a Manageable Level with Carrier Technology

When it comes to comfort clichés, Carrier has heard them all. And when it comes to keeping you cool during the sweltering, sticky days of summer, two stand above the rest:

  • “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”
  • “...but it’s a DRY heat”


The truth of the matter is, high humidity does make you feel hotter and less comfortable.

Here’s why:

  • Your body cools itself by releasing water and salt through open pores – by sweating
  • The amount of sweat evaporated to the air (which is what cools you) is affected by the amount of moisture already in the air 
  • the more humidity in the air, the less sweat evaporates, and the hotter and less comfortable you feel

So, if you can remove humidity from the air in your home this summer, your body will feel cooler and more comfortable.

Ideal Humidity System™ technology & SmartEvap™

All central air conditioning systems remove SOME humidity from indoor air during the cooling process. But Carrier can take your comfort to a new level with two proprietary technologies that do more to manage the moisture (humidity) in the air. 

Not only do these technologies improve your comfort, they can potentially help you save money on your utility bills because you feel more comfortable without setting your thermostat at a lower temperature.

Here’s how:

1. Ideal Humidity System™ technology

This technology requires three specific types of Carrier equipment:

  • Humidity sensing & managing thermostat
  • Multi-speed indoor unit (furnace or fan coil)
  • Any outdoor condensing unit (heat pump or air conditioner), but multi-stage or variable-speed are most effective

Ideal Humidity System technology allows your system to adjust its performance to help keep humidity under control … It senses moisture levels inside the home, then uses algorithms to adjust fan speeds and compressor operation to remove humidity without changing the indoor temperature. 

This technology continues to pull humidity out of indoor air without overcooling your home, and it operates even when your system isn’t actively calling for temperature control (cooling).

2. SmartEvap™

During the cooling process, your indoor coil will “sweat” a little itself, leaving a small buildup of condensation. When the blower fan kicks on to circulate cool air into your home, air passing through absorbs some of that moisture and returns humidity to your home. 

SmartEvap reduces humidity inside by allowing that moisture to drain from the indoor coil before starting the system’s air-circulating blower fan.

Turn to the experts

For more information about how Carrier® indoor comfort products and technologies can make your life more comfortable, visit our website. Better yet, contact your local Carrier HVAC contractor to schedule an in-home assessment of