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Carrier's connected cold chain for  transport of perishable food and medicine Carrier's connected cold chain for  transport of perishable food and medicine

Healthy, Safe, Sustainable and Intelligent Cold Chain Program

Webinar series

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Moves that Matter

Providing fresh foods and medications to people around the world. Ensuring the safe storage and transport of critical vaccines. Reducing waste and caring for the environment. Bringing it all together with advanced connectivity and visibility. These are the moves that matter. Moves that do good for people and the planet. And at Carrier, we are a global company uniquely equipped to make them. Explore how we're driving a healthier, safer, more sustainable cold chain at a time it matters most.

Learn more about the products and services Carrier offers that preserve and protect the world’s supply of food and medicine and reduce spoilage. Each webinar focuses on a specific portion of the cold chain and features insights from Carrier leadership and industry experts.

Watch the replays below.

2022 Webinar Series - Watch the Replays

Electrification Webinar: May 25, 2022

Carrier offers zero-emission* transport refrigeration solutions for trailer, truck and light commercial vehicle customers. We continue to strengthen electric transport through strategic alliances to further innovate refrigerated fleets and address upcoming emissions regulations, which help meet our goal to reduce our customers' carbon footprint by one gigaton by 2030. Register for this webinar to learn more about Carrier’s electrification strategy and how it can increase the sustainably and effectiveness of refrigerated fleets.

*Excludes potential refrigerant impact

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Services and Aftermarket Webinar: March 31, 2022

Carrier services and aftermarket offerings can create a more sustainable cold chain through digital solutions and a global network of dealers, distributors and service centers. Carrier’s Lynx digital platform offers best-in-class, cloud-based intelligence and machine learning solutions. Its BluEdge service platform provides comprehensive tiered-service contracts. Learn more about predictive analytics, advanced IoT and connected cold chain solutions that deliver improved lifecycle costs, compliance, loss reduction and sustainability.

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2021 Webinar Series - Watch the Replays

Health Care Cold Chain Webinar: May 27, 2021

With the world’s biggest vaccination campaign in history underway, there is an immense challenge to deliver billions of COVID-19 doses around the planet under precise conditions. Carrier is uniquely positioned and playing a key role. We’re working with customers and members of the pharma cold chain to apply our expertise to move, store and monitor vaccines. Join this session to hear insights from a world-renowned subject matter expert and leaders from Carrier Transicold and Sensitech who will discuss the health care cold chain.

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Food Cold Chain Webinar: July 1, 2021

Dramatic changes around the world have underscored the importance and challenges of helping to ensure that food and medicines reach the people who need them. Through industry-leading services, solutions and expertise across all aspects of the cold chain, Carrier is moving the cold chain forward to help preserve, protect and extend the world’s supply of food and medicine.

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Sustainable Cold Chain: November 10, 2021

Nearly one-third of all food produced goes to waste. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of ozone-depleting greenhouse gas emissions. Eliminating food waste and advancing a smarter, more sustainable cold chain matters to people around the world and the future of our planet. Carrier has been a consistent leader in moving it forward.

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Connected Cold Chain: December 9, 2021

A stronger, more effective cold chain is one where various stages are linked, helping different elements working together better and providing greater visibility and control. At Carrier, we’ve been making moves toward creating a connected cold chain by developing innovative technology and collaborating with Amazon Web Services to develop the Lynx digital platform. The platform uses IoT, machine learning and analytics technology to better connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey. These steps can reduce costs and waste across the network by driving faster, more intelligent data-driven decisions.

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Connected Cold Chain
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