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Proactive service repair increases equipment’s longevity (Spain)

Project description

Our customer is a manufacturer of plastic packaging for agrochemicals, industrial, and cosmetics products based in Spain. They have three Carrier equipments - one 30XA for manufacturing and two 30RB for comfort applications - all under maintenance contract.

Covered with an ELITE service agreement, our service team proactively recommended a mechanical kit 06T, as a solution to increase the longevity of its 30XA052 chiller, thus avoiding higher maintenance costs

In addition to the mandatory local safety inspection (ROIF) required every five years for industries, we proposed the 06T overhaul to our customer. This comprehensive solution, recommended every five years, was economically more attractive for the customer.

Providing a technical explanation of the kit contents and the parts to be replaced further convinced the customer of the overhaul’s utility.

A study was conducted to analyse the profitability of the solution, the amortization and improvement of operation against breakage of the compressor.

Key benefits
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Prevent unexpected failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Ensure optimum operation
  • Gain peace of mind


A solution to maximise your HVAC equipment life & Results

Most building owners and managers have experienced the dire consequences of equipment failure. After 20 000 working hours or every five years, wear components and peripheral items of compressors need to be changed to improve performance and increase compressor’s lifetime.

Given the importance of an HVAC system to your building’s operation, wouldn’t it be a relief to be less concerned about equipment breakdown?

With Carrier kits for 06T compressors, you will be able to maintain your HVAC components, and maximise the performance of your HVAC equipment.

As a main result, our customer could benefit an extended lifespan of up to 10 years.

Our service team was also committed to adhering to local regulations, including the mandatory inspection required every 5 years.

Thanks to our trusted support, our customer benefited from:

  • Equipment life prolongation
  • Proactive advises to prevent unexpected failures
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Compliance with local mandatory inspection

Kit for 06T compressors