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Carbon Footprint Reduction

Refrigerant and control retrofit solution achieves significant carbon footprint reduction

Our customer’s needs

Our customer is a big international pharmaceutical group based in France that specialises in the research, manufacturing, development, and retail of pharmaceutical products, as well as the supply of medical care services.

Our 20-year partnership has been built upon a foundation of trust, confirmed by our BluEdge service Enhance contract for 11 chillers localised for the customer’s industrial site in the north of France.

Committed to reducing its ecological impact, this international pharmaceutical group started an ambitious zero-carbon programme, which aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

During the contract, the customer detected a refrigerant leak (R134a) on one of its 30XW screw water-cooled chillers. With all of our previous interventions successfully and compliantly meeting their expectations, the customer naturally asked us for a solution.

Firstly, we suggested our refrigerant retrofit solution to reduce the customer’s carbon footprint and ensure compliance with the different regulations and its sustainability commitment.

Additionally, we advised them to upgrade the unit’s old control solution to our latest generation of SmartVu control. This solution, using R513A refrigerant and state-of-the-art control version, halved the gas emissions.

What are the benefits of our refrigerant and control retrofit solution?

  • It helps to preserve the environment and be compliant with EH&S policy: in fact, a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant allows for a lower impact on the environment.
  • The customer gains peace of mind by anticipating the uncertainty about the future availability and price of the original refrigerant due to environmental legislation (F Gas).
  • It saves money by anticipating the introduction of new taxes based on CO2e*. This can also have an impact by reducing the number of inspections and leak detections.

The European Commission adopted a set of proposals, supported by REPowerEU and Fit for 55, to make the EU’s climate, energy, transport and taxation policies fit by 2030 to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels.

*Carbon dioxide equivalent

The project

Our solution allowed our customer to keep its 30XW chiller by replacing the refrigerant and the unit’s controls. It has also participated to the reduction of the carbon footprint and to be compliant with European regulations.

Thanks to our trusted support, our customer benefited from:

  • The continuity of the efficiency and cooling capacity of its equipment
  • A turnkey solution that includes a kit with all the components, documentation for traceability, and implementation by our service team
  • A state-of-the-art solution with our latest generation of SmartVu control
  • Insurance of the continuity and security of its operations
  • Access to replacement parts, if needed
  • Reducing the company’s carbon footprint thanks to the refrigerant R513A, which has a GWP of 631 (half the original refrigerant)