At Carrier, we are the experts in HVAC – and we have the history to prove it. Our founder, Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning more than 110 years ago. Today we build on a legacy of leadership with a complete line of equipment, controls and service designed to deliver and maintain industry-leading performance with less energy and lower environmental impact in buildings of all sizes.

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Choose from the latest in HVAC products and technology from the company that’s been here since the beginning. In today’s buildings, efficiency and reliability are critical. Carrier offers a wide range of commercial HVAC products that deliver both – all with the expertise of a world leader.

Air Handlers

Carrier offers a range of air-handling units to meet the demands of precise indoor environments. Whether you need a custom-built or preconfigured product, Carrier air handlers are available with a wide airflow range, flexible designs and advanced filtration options to bring clean air and comfort to a variety of spaces.

Air Terminals

With Carrier air terminals, reliability and performance come in both compact single-duct and fan-powered designs. While airflow range and system design requirements vary, Carrier provides commercial air terminals that consistently deliver superior control offerings and ease of maintenance in a wide range of applications.

Fan Coils

At Carrier, we’re quietly improving efficiency and bringing flexible control to fan coils. With floor, ceiling and furred-in units, Carrier gives you options for improving efficiency and reducing noise – all with easy operation and the durability of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

Chillers/Heat Pumps

With a wide range of types, capacities and sustainable refrigerant options, Carrier is a leader in chiller technology. In fact, we always have been. From the invention of the first centrifugal chiller in 1922 to today’s AquaEdge™ 23XRV – the world’s leading efficiency screw chiller – Carrier has consistently led the way in efficient, reliable chiller technology.


Carrier places the power to keep your system operating at peak performance at your fingertips. With innovative products including WebCTRL and i-Vu, we provide intuitive software that allows you to monitor your system – even when you’re kilometers away – to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. We even provide the capability to connect your HVAC system with other aspects of your building, including lighting, security and more.

Light Commercial

Carrier expertise extends beyond large buildings into solutions for smaller offices, apartment buildings and other light commercial applications. Carrier offers a wide range of light commercial solutions including VWV and split systems, chillers and heat pumps, and packaged products that help balance comfort and efficiency.


Build your HVAC system for reliability, comfort and low noise levels in the simplest, most affordable form. A full line of light commercial systems including variable water volume, variable refrigerant flow, duct-free split and ducted split make Carrier the smart choice when you need an intelligent solution for comfort and air quality that’s easy to install and maintain.

Chillers/Heat Pumps

AquaSnap chillers and heat pumps from Carrier deliver big reliability in a small footprint. When it comes to light commercial applications such as small office buildings and apartments, Carrier products offer countless advantages over the competition. Quiet operation, easy installation and maintenance, and environmentally responsible refrigerants, just to name a few.


Versatility, reliability and economy. Carrier brings customers the total package. Whether it’s in a shopping mall, restaurant, supermarket, factory, office building or a number of other applications , Carrier products provide greater efficiency without requiring a great deal of space or large upfront investments.