Carrier® ChillerVu™

Plant System Manager

Carrier® ChillerVu™ controller based Plant System Manager Solution delivers fully optimized control for chiller plant operations from a sophisticated, scalable native BACnet® control solution.

Available in Asia, the new Plant System Manager Solution builds on the capabilities of Carrier’s legacy Chillervisor System Manager (CSM) and the WebCTRL®/i-Vu® Open Chiller Plant Application Suite. A dedicated plant system controller with a library of factory-engineered control programs, the ChillerVu is designed to cover the most common chiller plant configurations. The scalable hardware and software architecture allows for future cost-effective plant expansion and system upgrades as improved efficiency algorithms and control methodologies are developed.

Designed to provide optimized management over the entire chiller plant, the factory-engineered control programs coordinate the management of chillers, pumps and towers into a finely tuned, cohesive system. The Carrier® ChillerVu™ controller based Plant System Manager Solution is able to control Carrier 16, 19, 23, or 30 series chillers (air- or water-cooled), and includes full integration capabilities, allowing it to monitor and control other equipment in the chiller plant, including non-Carrier chillers.

The Carrier® ChillerVu™ controller based Plant System Manager Solution quickly responds to the needs of the building by automatically starting or stopping the plant, optimizing plant water temperatures, and matching the tonnage produced to the tonnage required by the building. The intuitive WebCTRL®/i-Vu user interface provides facility managers with real-time and historical performance data for the chiller plant. In addition, pre-configured trends and alarms offer insight into plant maintenance and performance, while also providing aid in system troubleshooting.