Water-Cooled Screw Heat Pump
With R-134a Refrigerant

Cooling capacity: 270~3,668 kW
Heating capacity: 280~4064 kW

  • Premium full load and part load performance
  • Absolute reliability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Touch Pilot control
  • Remote management

The 61XW water-source heat pump chiller known for it’s energy saving, environmental friendly and high reliability are becoming more and popular in air conditioning system handling choice. This application has two operating models, cooling and heating maximum temperature up to 63°C and ACOP up to 6.38kW/kW at China GB standard. This chiller can take advantage of a variety of low heat source, such as water/ground source, buried loop source and surface water source reflect a multi-purpose function.

61XW is ideally suitable for LEED®-certified buildings and green projects, high-end hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and building types, it saves about 30% energy consumption compared with the conventional air-source heat pump system and about 70% of energy consumption compared with electric heating model.