Developing innovative cold chain solutions is ingrained in the culture of Carrier Transicold, where respect for the cold chain is crucial to ensure perishable, fresh and frozen goods are delivered in optimum condition to customers.E-drive Cool by carrier

E-DRIVE Experienced Technology Since 1999

The E-DRIVE all-electric technology removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven technology by transforming engine power into electricity.

This unique and patented solution delivers superior cold chain performance while reducing CO2 footprint and total cost of ownership :

  • Up to 99,4% uptime
  • +/- 0,8°C cold chain accuracy
  • Reduced carbon footprint

AdvanTE³C - Customer-Driven InnovationAdvantech Cool by carrier

For our customers, it is essential to optimally transport temperature sensitive cargo and deliver quality. The AdvanTE³C Solutions Centre is a global group of experts in efficiency and environment focused on developing sustainable transport solutions.

Our research will lead in the future to the introduction of new technologies, to continue redefine the cold chain.


Save fuel and weight with ECO-DRIVE

The ECO-DRIVE is a power module, which is fitted to the side of the truck's chassis. 400 volt / 50 Hz is delivered and constantly available. This pump is connected to the truck engine via a PTO (power take off). The hydraulic system drives a generator located inside the power module delivering a constant 400 volt / 50 Hz.

A control is integrated within the hydraulic system, called X-Flow. This innovative system operates independent of the truck’s engine speed and ensures 100 % capacity is always available. The system communicates with the CAN bus of the truck.

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