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Growing environmental concerns in urban areas

Flower city line Municipalities across Europe are addressing the issues of increasing traffic congestion, air pollution and noise disturbance in crowded residential areas. As regulation is getting tougher (Low Emission Zones, Piek certification), Carrier Transicold answers with the – a comprehensive and innovative line of best-of-breed, environmentally-friendly solutions specifically designed to help eco-responsible transport professionals meet the rigors of doing business in urban areas.

Our solution :

Vector 1550 City, Piek certified unit for night deliveries

Solution - Vector 1550

Generating a noise level below 60 decibels and benefiting from standard installation, the Vector 1550 City uses the same mounting points and front wall opening as a standard trailer unit. The installation process therefore remains the same as for other units of the Vector range, with no specific chassis work required.

Vector 1950 MT City, featuring multi-temperature

Solution - Vector 1950

Vector 1950 MT City has also been certified Piek compliant, Europe’s most stringent noise abatement standard. Vector 1950 MT City offers the same benefits as Vector 1550 City for transporters, retailers, bodybuilders, drivers and the general population, enabling night deliveries and overcoming many of the challenges of distribution in urban or sensitive areas, notably in terms of efficient supply chain, noise, traffic congestion, road security, and pollution.

Supra City, building on Vector experience for quiet deliveries

Supra city Solution piek center

Certified Piek compliant, Supra City offers full flexibility for quiet deliveries and efficient supply chain. Available in single of multitemperature version, Supra City benefits from the same cold chain performance and reliability features of the standard Supra range.

Supra City Z, Zero-engine refrigeration unit

Supra city z

Supra City Z meets the needs of transporters that distribute temperature-sensitive goods in urban or Low Emission Zones, and who are eager to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on cold chain protection.
By removing the diesel engine, the Supra City Z unit derives its power from a hydraulic pump directly connected to the truck engine’s Power Take Off (PTO) to drive a hydraulic engine placed inside the refrigeration unit.