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Commercial Service Online Booking

The following form is for "Commercial Service" within Singapore only. 

For residential air conditioners servicing, please fill in this form. Thank you.


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Preventative Maintenance Contract (PMC)
Full Protection Plan (FPP)
Shutdown Maintenance
Repair Service (Ad-hoc)
24 Hours Remote Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality
Coil Replacement
Chiller Replacement
Chiller Plant Automation
Eddy Current Test
Fibrescopic Inspection
Oil and Refrigerant Analysis
Duct Cleaning
Vibration Test
Energy Audit

Fast Service Response Time
Reducing Operating Costs
Prolonging Equipment Life
Avoiding Unexpected Downtime
Code Compliance

My Facility has the Following

Office Hours
Until Late Evening
24 Hours

In-House Team
Term Contractor
Original Manufacturer