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Carrier Experts

Even our experts will make you feel more comfortable.

Which heating and cooling system is best suited for where I live? Is my house wasting energy? And how good is my indoor air quality? Knowing all the answers would improve your family’s comfort, your utility bills and even your health. But let’s face it, you’re no HVAC expert. Fortunately, we can help.

What are Factory Authorized Parts and why should you ensure your dealer is using them when servicing your equipment? 

Factory Authorized Parts are those parts that have been designed and built specifically for your Carrier equipment. These parts are the perfect fit, restoring your equipment to its original performance. 

When your dealer uses Factory Authorized Parts they: 

  • Preserve the original manufacturer's warranty.
  • Preserve the original efficiency of the system.
  • Preserve engineered sound requirements (for applicable components such as motors).
  • Meet rigorous factory run life design specifications.

Should you ever require a service call, ask your dealer to use Carrier Factory Authorized Parts.

The availability and delivery of the parts you need are essential to maintaining consistent comfort. That's why Carrier created Totaline. Totaline is a brand of Carrier that provides a full range of air conditioning and refrigeration parts. It boasts a well-developed parts supply network in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Carrier Totaline provides a unique one-stop shop and supplies best-quality air conditioning and refrigeration parts to meet your needs - whether your're performing installation, maintenance, or repair.

Today, Carrier is a preferred supplier of parts and materials for customers ranging from contractors to homeowners. We offer an array of high-quality, low-cost, HVAC parts including thermostats, fan coil units, compressors, refrigerants, copper pipes, repair parts, maintenance parts, and more.

To find the part you need, or for more information, visit the Totaline store.

Totaline Sales Centers are the quick stop for your full-line of hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors - whether it's a small residential repair, or a major commercial application.

Offering a complete lineup including Genuine Carlyle®, Totaline®, Copeland®, Danfoss®, Tecumseh®, Bristol®, LG®, Maneurop®, Goldstar®, Toshiba®, Panasonic® and Hitachi®. No matter what OEM equipment you’re using we have the compressor you're looking for. Plus, we have all the compressor system components you need to get the job done.