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Service from the experts

Get the HVAC service and support you need, exactly when you need it.

Whether you’re an engineer, contractor, architect, manager or owner, you can count on Carrier’s expertise and superior service offerings to help you get the most from your HVAC system from start-up through the entire lifecycle.

Partnering with Carrier Commercial Service brings with it the security of knowing that every facet of your investment is being carefully monitored, analyzed, maintained and documented. This practice embarks with your very first contact with us and will keep on persists continue on over the entire lifetime of your facility. Carrier Commercial Service provides BluEdge, a new best-in-class service and aftermarket offering exclusively for customers and partners across the Carrier enterprise (HVAC, Refrigeration, Fire & Security). Central to BluEdge is a progressive, tiered service model, designed with our customers in mind, that provides them with a range of dynamic options to meet the needs of their business.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are all qualified as Carrier Specialists - each trained on our customized servicing technics, and thoroughly assessed to meeting the required technical skill as well as EHS standards and protocols.

Safety Focus

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is rooted in our culture. We support a multifaceted EH&S management system which ensures a focused approach to safety every day. On all levels, we adhere to the most stringent safety standards, which translates to safety on your job site.

Standard Work Procedures

Our Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) operating system brings you systematic and practical approach to problem solving; no guesswork, no variables. We focus on quality, efficiency and consistency at your jobsite and in all our day-to-day business practices.

Equipment Expertise

As Carrier’s own servicing entity, we have access to the latest engineering advancements and the most advanced technical servicing tools. Our professional service team will be there whenever you need us.

Carrier Aquaedge chiller plant
Carrier provides superior service for commercial HVAC equipment such as the 19XR water-cooled centrifugal chiller

At Carrier, we partner with building owners and managers to keep your system running at its best, with customized service plans designed to meet all your specific equipment and operational needs year-round. We service most brands and types of HVAC units.

A Carrier Service Agreement can:

Ensure that your equipment is inspected regularly, operating properly and all OEM maintenance procedures are adhered to:

  • Maximize your equipment life, uptime and performance
  • Reduce your energy costs through good preventive maintenance measures
  • Provides you with budgetary certainty and allows fiscal planning with confidence
  • Reduce risk of unexpected downtime with proactive service

We provide three types of maintenance agreements — Preventive, comprehensive & operation — to address the needs of every facility professional.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Routine HVAC preventive inspection service and emergency service backup to reduce the chance of errors and maximize lifecycle value. Energy conservation program – remote monitoring system are also available.

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

Complete labor, materials and spare parts coverage for repair and overhaul in addition to all services included in Preventive Maintenance Agreement. It’s 100% budgetary certainty allows fiscal planning with confidence.

Building Operation Agreement

Daily HVAC operations and routine maintenance performed by our certified technicians stationed in your building. Carrier Chiller Data Logger can be installed as well to replace traditional manual log sheet for cost saving and accurate data recording.

Remote Monitoring Service

At Carrier, we don’t just talk about enhanced performance and energy efficiency – we let you see it yourself no matter where you are. Through a variety of remote monitoring and building automation solutions, Carrier gives you access to data on your cooling system via our Carrier RMS Center or directly on your devices, from PCs to web-based phones.

Modern building facade at night
Carrier provide superior predictive maintenance services for HVAC system used in commercial buildings


Even the best maintained equipment can encounter an unexpected failure. As Carrier’s own servicing entity, we have access to the latest engineering advancements and the most advanced technical servicing tools. Centralized service dispatch and technician tracking ensures immediate response to unplanned service events. Our service expertise extends well beyond our in-depth knowledge of Carrier equipment. We have decades of experience servicing all major HVAC brands of equipment.


With a century of HVAC experience, Carrier understands what it takes to keep your equipment running. All HVAC components need more than just regular servicing to keep them in optimum condition and maximize their useful lives. No matter how well maintained, periodically, all equipment needs a comprehensive inspection and overhaul. Our service experts begin with a total performance evaluation taking consideration of the age of the equipment, actual operational hours, and conditions of operation. A customized overhaul schedule is designed for HVAC equipment and operation.

How can Carrier’s Equipment Overhaul Service provide value to you?

  • Extend equipment life with comprehensive overhaul
  • Minimize unexpected failures and discover hidden problems
  • Ensure optimum equipment operation and efficiency
  • Superior long-term equipment planning and longevity

Let your Carrier System Modernization Expert help you get the most out of your investment. With today’s modern technology, we can recommend upgrades and retrofits to keep your equipment operating as efficiently as possible during its service life .And, when time due to replacement, our engineers can assist you with the best solutions whether a single piece of equipment or your entire HVAC system.

There’s no escaping in equipment aging over time. But that doesn’t mean that older chillers cannot benefit from mechanical upgrades. We offer a wide variety of modernization, retrofit and upgrade solutions for many equipment types. Variable frequency drives upgrade the capabilities of older equipment for better performance without large capital investment. Cooling tower retrofits and other ancillary equipment in your HVAC portfolio can be modernized with immediate impact on your bottom line.

And, facility conditions can change over time. Building premises renovation , changes in operation hours, increase on building loads and occupancy levels can all impact the performance of your equipment and your entire facility. Our specialized experts can implement a comprehensive optimization program designed to restore your system to its optimal performance.

How can Carrier’s System Modernization Services provide value to you?

  • Immediate improvement on system efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Increase value of building assets
  • Drive down operating costs and maintenance expenses
  • Extend equipment life

How can Carrier’s System Modernization's Replacement Solutions provide value to you?

  • Expert assessment and analysis of your building's aging HVAC equipment
  • Comprehensive design of optimal system integration and control
  • Energy savings with the most advanced energy-efficient equipment available in the marketplace
  • Complete solutions from a single source supplier
  • Start-up and commissioning of your equipment by the world's leading HVAC manufacturer

Carrier Service Office
Carrier provides the solutions you require for equipment retrofit and installation

Because we know that your HVAC equipment is a critical asset to your building and well worth protecting, the service experts at Carrier know the best possible way to deliver and maintain that protection.

Carrier commercial equipment represents today’s most advanced technology. To ensure that you receive the full benefit from this leading edge design, proper start-up, following a rigorous, factory-defined set of procedures is essential. Correct start-up is the key to optimum performance, safety and reliability, not just during the first days or weeks of operation, but for years to come.

After this strong start, your Carrier system is protected by a powerful new-equipment warranty, a warranty that reflects our confidence in the performance, reliability and durability that Carrier builds into every machine.

Commercial Equipment Hotline

(852) 2384 4644

Home Comfort Hotline

(852) 2603 2222

For assistance:

Commercial System Hotline

(852) 2384 4644

24 hours x 7 days

Home Comfort Hotline

(852) 2603 2222

Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
Sunday / Public Holiday: close

Call center personnel
The Carrier call center provides solution recommendations

In 1983, Carrier began using "Totaline®" in the US as a registered trademark of the spare parts business. Today, Totaline® has become a global air - conditioning and refrigeration business quality brand, and is the industry's premier supply network for HVAC and refrigeration spare parts. It provides a unique one-stop shop and supplies best-quality air conditioning and refrigeration parts to meet your needs – whether you’re performing installation, maintenance or repair.

Totaline® Parts Center Location

Flat 22, 15/F, Pacific Trade Centre, 2 Kai Hing Road, Kownloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2598 6029 Fax: (852) 2771 8644

Man using cell phone
Carrier Totaline parts center supports HVAC equipment operation

Variable Frequency Drives
Optimize Your Chiller Operations with VFD Upgrading
Variable Frequency Drive Upgrades

Leverage Carrier’s VFD upgrade program for your chiller plant and experience benefits such as optimized efficiency, increased energy savings, enhanced equipment performance and many more.

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