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Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Commercial Refrigeration? We have it solved.

Retail stores and convenience stores come in all sizes and configurations. So do Carrier solutions.

The refrigeration requirements of today’s retail environments vary. Still, the need to prevent food waste, reduce energy consumption and maximize merchandising is a constant. Carrier has the innovative turnkey solutions and service to deliver on all fronts, across all store formats.

It pays to turn to the experts in commercial refrigeration.

While the challenges associated with operating a cash & carry store are manifold, many of them stem from one thing in particular – sheer size.

The large format of cash & carry facilities translates into sizable heating, cooling and refrigeration needs, and ultimately, sizable energy bills. Plus, these large systems necessitate the use of a large quantity of costly materials. Not to mention, from a merchandising standpoint, store operators must keep a vast stock of a wide range of products visible and accessible for customers.

So what's the solution to such a big list of challenges? Partner with a company that has an even bigger range of solutions. Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is your one supplier for turnkey solutions that are rooted in technical expertise and designed to meet the specific needs of each store format.

Whether it's cabinets, counters, vertical freezers, or anything in between, Carrier delivers solutions that not only enhance merchandizing opportunities and keep food fresh, but help control operating costs as well. Our commitment to energy-efficient solutions across our entire product line means lower annual electricity costs ­– and over the lifecycle, lower total cost of ownership.

Carrier's use of natural refrigerants will also allow cash & carry stores to be more sustainable – in more ways than one. Our CO2OLtec® technology uses CO2 to deliver the lowest total carbon footprint, lower GWP and substantial reduction in emissions – all while saving customers an average of 10% on energy costs in mild to cold climates. And because CO2 requires a smaller pipe diameter, a smaller amount of costly copper is needed to supply the system.

In addition to refrigeration solutions, Carrier's wide range of CO2OLheat® models allow cash & carry operators to benefit from 100% heat reclaim for space heating or domestic hot water supply, which significantly drives down the energy costs and carbon footprint for the entire store.

It's just one more solution in our huge portfolio – and one more reason we've become the partner of choice for so many cash & carry customers throughout Europe. And the best part? We're constantly expanding the portfolio to better meet your needs.

In addition to products and solutions, Carrier also provides a range of service and support offerings to help cash & carry operators get the most out of their system. These include 24/7 assistance, preventative maintenance programs, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages – all with the goal of reduced costs, energy savings and operational efficiency for the entire lifecycle.

When it comes to efficiency and style, no one brings more solutions to market.

In supermarkets and hypermarkets, variety is key. We're talking about the wide range of food products that must be made available to customers each day. Consequently, however, variety is also essential when it comes to refrigeration solutions. That's where Carrier Commercial Refrigeration comes in.

We understand the challenges associated with refrigeration in hypermarkets and supermarkets, and we're equipped with the expertise and solutions to meet each of them. We recognize that store concepts vary across countries and banners, and acknowledge the need to make each store unique. But ultimately, we know it comes down to the bottom line – controlling operating costs, reducing food waste write-offs and, of course, selling more products.

With all of this in mind, Carrier designs and implements turnkey and tailor-made solutions that help supermarkets and hypermarkets keep foods efficiently cooled and attractively displayed. Our portfolio consists of one of the industry's widest ranges of products, including ultra-freshness, covering each and every store zone to meet all of our supermarket and hypermarket customers' needs.

So what exactly do we mean when we talk about our range of products? The simple answer is anything you could possibly need. Our Carucco® family of cabinets comprise hundreds of counter solutions for effective, attractive merchandising. Our multideck cabinets, including the new MonaxEco® and our number-one-selling Monaxis® cabinets bring style, visibility and efficiency to the store. And our Evolution 6 cabinets maximize efficiency, food freshness and presentation while optimizing use of floor space.

These are just a handful of the Carrier turnkey solutions designed to ensure that every part of the market is covered when it comes to cooling and refrigeration.

Carrier also offers supermarket and hypermarket customers options relating to the use of refrigerants. We provide solutions featuring standard HFCs, HybridCO2OLTM, which combines HFCs and CO2, and, our full carbon dioxide refrigerant technology.

CO2OLtec® has helped hundreds of customers throughout Europe lower their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. In addition, Carrier CO2OLtec® integral solutions, which combine space heating, cooling and refrigeration into one system, can bring customers even more efficiency – lowering not only annual energy costs, but total cost of ownership as well, all while cutting their carbon footprint in half by eliminating the use of fossil fuels for heating completely.

Beyond products and solutions, Carrier also provides a range of service and support offerings to help supermarket and hypermarket operators get the most out of their system. These include 24/7 assistance, preventative maintenance programs, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages to reduce costs while maximizing energy savings and operational efficiency for the entire lifecycle.

With solutions designed for high turnover, Carrier adds new value to value-based selling.

Performance. Efficiency. Style. While discount stores may be known for cutting prices, they can't afford to cut corners when it comes to refrigeration solutions. Discount store customers require products that deliver maximum energy efficiency while providing for enhanced merchandising impact – and Carrier delivers exactly that.

In fact, we design cabinets specifically for our discount store customers. Carrier Maress®, for example, is a sophisticated refrigerated multideck that brings higher evaporating temperature, optimized air management, energy-efficient lighting (LED as an option), EC fans, electronic ballasts and optional automatic night blinds. Together, these features reduce refrigeration needs by as much as 17% and lower energy consumption by up to 21%.

Maress® is just one product in our series of Carrier Evolution 6 cabinets, a new generation of solutions designed to improve energy efficiency, ensure food safety and freshness, enhance presentation and make optimal use of floor space.

In addition to improved energy efficiency and maximized merchandizing, Carrier provides discount store refrigeration solutions that keep the environment in mind as well. Our systems, which use the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide, helped customers lower their carbon footprint and GWP while reducing energy costs. Plus, our CO2OLtec® integral solutions, which combine space heating, cooling and refrigeration into one system, can bring customers significant gains in efficiency throughout the entire store.

Carrier also provides a range of service and support offerings to help discount store operators get the most out of their system. These include 24/7 assistance, preventative maintenance programs, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages.

With this comprehensive combination of solutions and services, when you partner with Carrier, it won't take long to see decreased operating costs through energy efficiency, and increased sales through attractive, effective merchandising.

To us, even small stores are a big deal.

Every day throughout Europe, customers visit small, local stores because they're convenient. For the operators of these retail formats, implementing and maintaining the right refrigeration solutions is anything but. Size, location and building type all place limits on the types of solutions available – whether it's due to space, noise, heat emissions, aesthetics or any number of other restrictions.

At Carrier, we believe the location and size of a store shouldn't limit its merchandising opportunities. Understanding the unique challenges of small stores and convenience stores, Carrier offers a specific range of slim cabinets for chiller- and freezer-application that are uniquely harmonized in dimensions and aesthetics. These cabinets include Mendos® XU, MenEco® XU , Optimer® L & LG and Velando® Compact Space.

refrigerated multideck e6 mendos

All small-store applications can be covered by remote solutions, plug-in solutions, or a combination of both. Our wide range of plug-in cabinets is particularly valuable in promoting impulse sales of beverages, ice cream and items featured in special promotions.

Carrier also offers a specific CO2-rack for small-store applications. And as constant innovators and pioneers, we plan to continuously add to our offerings for small stores and convenience stores.

refrigerated multideck optimer.l

So how do our small-store and convenience store customers benefit from Carrier solutions? For starters, we design with efficiency in mind, helping customers lower annual operating costs through energy efficiency. Plus, CO2 and propane refrigerants for products throughout the store help reduce environmental impact and prepare store owners for upcoming EU regulations.

Speaking of regulatory compliance and energy efficiency, Carrier provides a range of service and support offerings to help small-store and convenience store operators achieve both, while ensuring optimum operational efficiency for the entire lifecycle. These include 24/7 assistance, preventative maintenance programs, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages.

refrigerated multideck optimer.l

Ultimately, however, it's all about merchandising. Carrier solutions help deliver consistency, flexibility and style to small-store layouts while making the most of limited space. Simply put, we provide the solutions to simplify refrigeration for small-store owners, so you can focus on selling more products. And when you think about it, it doesn't get any more convenient than that.

We bring customers efficient, innovative solutions to preserve products from farm to fork.

As experts in cooling and refrigeration technologies, Carrier plays an integral role in nearly every aspect of today's cold chain. This includes distribution centres, where vast size presents an equally vast range of unique challenges. And while equipment requirements place distribution centres beyond the scope of commercial refrigeration and into industrial refrigeration, Carrier is equipped to deliver – no matter how large the application.

Distribution centres can cover thousands of square meters of floor space, providing tens of thousands of cubed meters of storage capacity. And to keep various types of products fresh, these spaces require various temperature zones; from chillers, cold handling and freezers to offices and general warehouse space. Carrier delivers the intelligent and efficient solutions needed to satisfy large capacity loads and to control temperatures in all areas, all while controlling energy costs.

So how do we do it?

The answer is CO2OLtec®. Carrier MaxiCO2OL® and MiniCO2OL® refrigeration racks leverage proven CO2OLtec® carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration technology to deliver sustainable efficiency across a range of cooling capacities, while demonstrating average energy savings of approximately ten percent compared with traditional hydroflurocarbon (HFC) refrigeration systems in mild to cold climates.

And the potential for savings and efficiency extends beyond cooling and refrigeration. With our CO2OLheat® modular heating units, the waste heat created during the refrigeration process is collected and redistributed for space and hot water heating elsewhere in the premises.

The use of the natural refrigerant CO2 offers countless benefits to today's distribution centre customers. CO2 is non-ozone depleting substance which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just one and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. Plus, it is not subject to F-gas regulations. This is particularly important in distribution centre applications, where the significant size of the system also makes for a sizable financial investment. Not having to worry about enforced changes due to F-gas regulations, coupled with the proven reliability of Carrier systems, means that customers can rest easy knowing they have a long term solution that will not require costly updates or replacement.

Using CO2 as a refrigerant also offers a number of benefits over ammonia, which is traditionally found in distribution centre cooling systems. With an A1 refrigerant safety classification (DIN EN 378-1), CO2 refrigeration systems are subject to less regulation than ammonia and also allow the use of standard copper pipe work.

When you partner with Carrier for your distribution centre, you get more than reliable, efficient turnkey solutions. We're here every step of the way; from design and installation to ongoing service and maintenance. This includes remote monitoring with 24/7 response to ensure both the safety of your goods and the optimal performance of your system. The bottom line – distribution centres with large cooling loads don't have to translate into large energy costs. Contact us today and see why customers across Europe are choosing to turn to the experts for their distribution centre projects.

Make the most out of your store space