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Employee Testimonial - Bernadet van Eck, internal project leader

Benelux -

“I work in a team where I know we can always rely on each other”

Bernadet van Eck; an essential asset in the team of 7 internal project leaders. For almost 10 years she has been working with enthusiasm and commitment to make projects a success. What made her join our company, what are her missions and what does she like about working as an internal project leader at Carrier? We asked her.

Hi Bernadet. How did you discover our company 10 years ago?

Before this I worked in the planning department of a heat pump installation company. When this small family business went bankrupt it was the best time to take stock of my career and my ambitions. I discovered Carrier thanks to an external employment agency with whom I had an interview for a job opening as a project leader at Carrier. That's how it all began!

How nice! And then you thought: I want to get started here! Or not?

Well, frankly no! The role really appealed to me, but I thought, wrongly, that Carrier was a big company where I would be just a number. I had always worked for small family businesses before this. But nothing could be further from the truth! From day one I found out that the team was very close with an open and collaborative work environment. After just a few months, I announced that I wanted to work at Carrier as an internal employee and luckily it was mutual. Since then I have never regretted working here!

Glad you're in the right place. Can you briefly tell us about what you do as an internal project leader?

Once we receive an order from the sales department, I am teamed up to a project manager. From that moment on, our role is to ensure the success of the turnkey project. Work activities are for example: pipe calculations and supply of materials. Thereafter, I reach out to the Design Department Team, Elsa and Patrick, in charge of elaborating the layouts. Ordering refrigeration furniture, requesting quotes from subcontractors and arranging aerial platforms are also part of my work. And that's not even half of it, says Bernadet with a laugh.

Sounds like a job with a lot of variety. What do you like about your job?

That's right. I really enjoy the variety in my work and projects. I learn something new every day! As the store really has to open in due time with the best Carrier refrigeration systems, the challenge for me is to get everything done in time, to constantly improve and find new solutions when needed. In addition, I find it thriving to be contact with many different departments: transport, warehouse, project manager, Design office, subcontractors, planning and senior technicians. We learn a lot from each other. Besides that, I really love working in this team. We respect each other and can always rely on each other!

Bernadet, thank you for your time and we wish you a lot of fun and success in your role as internal project leader. I can see that you are very pleased working at Carrier in this team!