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Carrier Expands Range of E6 Refrigerated Multidecks with Monaxis® and MonaxEco® Ultra-low Front Versions


Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe has expanded the E6 Monaxis® and MonaxEco® refrigerated multideck range with the launch of an ultra-low front version. The 220 millimeter front height is the ideal solution for retailers who have a standard store layout and are seeking to maximize storage and display space, increase sales and - in comparison with the previous E5 version - reduce life cycle costs. Carrier, the world's leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The new E6 display cabinets are available in both open ("Monaxis") and glass-door ("MonaxEco") versions. Their ultra-low front heights are achieved through an optimized cabinet foot height, structural design and water drainage system. While the low height version has a front height of 295 millimeters, the ultra-low version boasts a front height reduction of 25 percent resulting in a display opening of up to 1,860 millimeters. This provides greater product visibility and increased merchandising possibilities for improved customer appeal and product sales.


The new E6 Monaxis ® remote refrigerated multideck

The new E6 Monaxis ultra-low front version features an innovative temperature equalization system and a double air curtain, ensuring homogeneous temperature throughout the cabinet. Based on the ISO 23953 standard, the open cabinet offers an M1 temperature performance suitable for most meat and fish as well as dairy and less-sensitive produce, while the glass door version achieves M0 temperature performance suitable for all items that require chilled preservation, such as minced meat or processed sausage.

Both cabinets are designed to give retailers the option to maximize the loading and display of products, while increasing cooling efficiency through a combination of Carrier's latest evaporator, high-performance fans and an intelligent airflow system. Transparent fan wall covers reduce downtime during service and are positioned at the rear for an increased level of hygiene and easy maintenance.

"We are committed to providing innovative, energy-efficient solutions for retailers," said James Nutting, director, marketing, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Europe. "Thanks to the application of advanced technology, production methods and the use of high-quality materials, Carrier has taken a decisive step in the evolution of high-performance refrigerated multidecks."


The MonaxEco ® remote refrigerated multideck with glass doors

In addition to its energy-efficient operation, the E6 Monaxis multideck and MonaxEco glass-door multideck offers greater interior space customization. The 25 millimeter key-bar shelf spacing offers a larger number of shelf positions. The range of crown-end modules available for the Monaxis or MonaxEco gondola are ideal for a wide range of retail promotions. The glass end-walls of the new units provide a glass surface that is more than 10 percent larger than the ones used in the previous E5 series, further improving product visibility. Other features are designed for easier maintenance and enhancing the customer shopping experience including shelf numbering, a wide range of accessories and various LED lighting colors for product display.


The new E6 Monaxis ® remote refrigerated multideck gondola set-up

"The new E6 Monaxis multideck brings products closer to the customer, as it's designed for a more attractive merchandise presentation with a maximized display opening," said Patrice Boutillot, director, program launch E6 cabinet generation, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Europe. 

For additional information about the Monaxis and MonaxEco multideck cabinets, visit For an overview of the company's commitment to sustainability, visit or follow @CarrierGreen on Twitter.


The new E6 Monaxis ® remote refrigerated multideck gondola set-up without products

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