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Caen-la-Mer Selects PROFROID’s PowerCO2OL System to Increase Energy Efficiency and Sustainability for Olympic-size Ice RInk

Caen-la-Mer, France -

The French city of Caen-la-Mer has selected Profroid, a unit of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration to replace refrigeration installations at its Olympic-size ice rink, making it more sustainable and environmentally responsible. The ice rink is now equipped with PROFROID’s PowerCO2OL™ refrigeration system, using the low global warming potential (GWP) natural refrigerant carbon dioxide (CO2), which is 30% more energy efficient and easier to maintain than a conventional installation.

Profroid collaborated with Dalkia Froid Solutions on the configuration of the new cooling rack and its options. The company completed the installation and is responsible for maintaining and operating the equipment.

"Energy and environmental efficiency linked to the growing need for cold production and the development of sustainable refrigerants are major challenges in the energy transition and the fight against climate change,” said Philippe Anselme, Managing Director, Dalkia Froid Solutions. “Dalkia Froid Solutions positions itself as a trusted partner to its customers to meet these challenges over the long term. This is why we selected the PowerCO2OL solution for this iconic installation."

The PowerCO2OL system uses the patented CO2OLtecEvo® technology operating with modulating ejectors and assisted by a CO2 pump to reach high energy efficiency whatever the climate and application. Different configurations such as positive application only, combined positive/negative, negative only or a chiller version are available to meet customers’ needs.

"This installation is a great opportunity for PROFROID to promote our CO2 capabilities for high-capacity applications such as warehouses or sports venues,” said Patrick Dandrieux, Technical Support Manager, PROFROID. “We are very proud to offer such a solution on a large scale with the PowerCO2OL system, which offers advantages in terms of sustainability, energy savings and efficiency."

The PowerCO2OL rack provides 500 kilowatts of power, with a glycol water loop at -8°C to -10°C, to maintain the rink’s ice. It is equipped with three heat recovery systems with different temperature levels, supplying the domestic hot water network and heating circuit for the facility’s three outdoor pools. The heat generated is used to melt the ice placed in the snow pit during surfacing operations.

A Centralized Technical Management (CTM) system is used to control the installation of the ice rink to parameterize, program and control the operation of all the equipment remotely. Definition of time slots, modulation of the ice temperature according to the activities and management of the heat recovery is controlled by the CTM, which also integrates the regulation of the refrigeration rack.

The PowerCO2OL system is part of Carrier’s Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain Program, which provides fresh foods and medications to people around the world and ensures the safe storage and transport of critical vaccines through advanced connectivity and visibility.

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