Energy Savings

  • Demand limiting adjusts zone setpoints and equipment operation before energy rates increase
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV), eliminates over-ventilation
  • Setpoint control limits user-adjustments
  • Static pressure reset optimizes fan speeds during partial load conditions
  • Integrated economizer control and night-time free cooling minimize mechanical cooling by using outside air
  • Heating and cooling lockouts prevent mechanical cooling and heating based on outside air conditions
  • Linkage algorithms integrate diverse building demands with mechanical heating and cooling sources

Occupant Comfort

  • Adjust individual comfort levels easily with attractive zone sensors
  • Convenient i-Vu® scheduling tool provides temperature control at any time - weekdays, weekends, holidays, or after-hours
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV), ensures ample fresh air at all times
  • Built-in humidity control
  • Integrated optimal start algorithm for conditioning space before occupants arrive

Simple and Flexible

  • Fully scalable network architecture - build small or large systems easily and quickly
  • Application-specific controllers - can be factory-installed or field-mounted, and include built-in equipment graphics, trends, and alarms for i-Vu
  • Pre-engineered control algorithms - simplify system set-up and minimize the need for field programming
  • Streamlined system - eliminates the need for expensive system coordination modules

Complete Control

Powerful i-Vu operator interface

  • Plug-and-play with all Carrier systems
  • Monitor your facility from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser or mobile device
  • Create schedules, view trends, alarms, custom reports, and much more
  • Easily monitor and control ancillary equipment such as variable speed drives, lighting, and electric meters by adding our programmable controllers