4th edition of Carrier Transicold Brazil's National Convention brings up the roots of its history to inspire the future

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil -

                                Official Photo – 4th Carrier Transicold Brazil’s National Convention

Between February 12 and 15, Carrier Transicold held the 4th edition of its National Convention. The event took place at Deville Hotel in Porto Alegre, at the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The event received 40 Service Centers coming from all regions of Brazil, representatives of Carrier Mexico, Jesus Estrada and Alejandro Genera, representatives of Carrier Argentina, Leonardo Cives and Luis Alegre, partners and special guests for the meeting that brought the theme "Roots. Tradition that guides our way. Passion that takes us further." The theme was intended to rescue Carrier's pioneering history, which bears the name of Willis Carrier, the inventor who revolutionized the modern world with the creation of air conditioning and gave its name to the organization. The creative and courageous spirit that gave rise to the company served as inspiration for the meeting that discussed the future direction of the business.

During the 3 days of the event, guests received guidance on company processes, business tips, heard case studies, and shared experiences and information with their Authorized Network partners.

One of the highlights of the event was Next Level Brazil Award Ceremony. Over the night, the guests got to know the nominees of the year in their respective categories. This year, two new awards were introduced to the public. Willis Carrier Award is a recognition offered to the dealer who most invested in your business. Dealer of the Year is a prize awarded the one that stood out the most, both in Sales and After Sales categories. Meet the representatives who were awarded.

Next Level After Sales
10th place: Refrigor
9th place: Clima Brasil
8th place: Furgões Toledo
7th place: Tecnofrio
6th place: Bruma Tecnologia
5th place: Refrine
4th place: Termofrio
3rd place: Refrigeração Cascavel
2nd place: Refrigeração Viena SC
1st place: Refrigeração Viena SP

Next Level Sales
3rd place: Refrigeração Viena SP
2nd place: Teresina Ar Condicionado
1st place: Refrigeração Viena SC

Willis Carrier Award

Dealer of the Year
Refrigeração Viena SC

Once again, the National Convention brought us all an enriching experience, with the objective of strengthening the Authorized Network in Brazil and promoting structured and exponential growth. Carrier appreciates the presence of everyone who has honored the event and looks forward to a new experience in 2018.