10th Transicold Brasil Transport National Convention, home goal!

Costa do Sauípe Resort, Brazil -

In its tenth consecutive edition, the Carrier Transicold Brasil Convention brought together 129 participants and 30 companies at the Costa do Sauípe Resort, in Bahia, between March 9–12, 2023.

With the aim of putting all the time on the field to add up and control the year, the theme of the orientation was "Come to the game. Leadership is done every day". In this focus, participants debated Carrier's perspectives and challenges, in addition to learning about new sales, after-sales, marketing, after-marketing, ethics, among other matters of paramount importance to the team.

As usually happens, the associated meeting also recognized the outstanding Service Centers of 2022 with the Next Level Brazil award, awarding various categories.

As a main highlight, the Dealer of the Year award went to Refrigeração Clima Brasil, which recognized its overall performance in both “Sales” and “Post-sales”.

In the "Sales" category, the winners were:

1st - Climate Brasil MG
2nd - Refrigeration Viena SP
3rd - Refrigeration Viena SC
4th - Climate Brazil SP
5th - Transfer

In the "After-Sales" category, the following is the list of honorees:

1st - Climate Brazil
2nd - Refrigeration Viena SC
3rd - COLD G.A Refrigeration
4th - Heiss Refrigeration
5th - Fridge
6th - TA Refrigeration
7th - Thermocooling
8th - Refrigeration Viena SP
9th - EDR Refrigeration
10th - AM Refrigeration

The Willis Carrier Award, named after the inventor of air conditioning and founder of Carrier, went to COLD G.A.

The 10th Carrier Transicold Brasil Convention was an opportunity to bring together the internal team and call centers from all over Brazil, in addition to the American participants of the Carrier team, in a unique moment of much exchange, learning and celebration of achievements.

10ª Convenção Nacional Carrier Transicold Brasil