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Build Your Carrier System

We know that comfort isn't a "one-size-fits-all" scenario. That's why with Carrier, you have flexible system options that meet your individual needs.

To find the right system that fits your needs, simply answer a few easy questions. We'll recommend some system options to get you started. Select the system that looks right for you and we'll connect you to one of our Carrier experts to discuss your option further.

Build Your System

Tailored to enhance your environment, the Infinity® System redefines comfort with the right mix of climate dimensions ̶ temperature, humidity, airflow and indoor air quality.


The Infinity® System bundles efficient performance with precise energy reporting. It can reduce your utility bills and increase your energy savings.


The Infinity® System Control helps you unleash the ultimate comfort experience with customized temperature settings and more, at home and on the go.


Wasting time adjusting the thermostat until you reach comfort equilibrium is over. This system gives you pinpoint heating and cooling precision by automatically adapting to the weather.


Imbalanced air moisture can lead to sticky situations: mildew and mold? No, thank you. By monitoring your home's environment, the Infinity® System Control can command an Infinity heat pump or air conditioner to run slower and longer to remove moisture without overcooling when it's warm.

Indoor Air Quality

Most homes have at least one indoor air quality problem ranging from temperature and humidity issues to particle allergens, chemical pollutants and high carbon dioxide and monoxide levels. Indoor air quality – a combination of air purity and airflow – is managed by several Infinity System features that kill germs and trap dust and pet dander while keeping spaces ventilated with fresh air. The result is healthier, more pleasant environments for the whole family.

Maximum Efficiency

Cutting utility costs shouldn't come at the expense of cutting comfort. This system balances both to keep money in your wallet and deliver the ideal environment.

Energy-Saving Technology

Making smart decisions about your home comfort system now will affect your energy costs for years to come. The Infinity System offers innovative equipment technology to maximize team performance between your indoor and outdoor equipment and minimize energy consumption. Discover how Carrier enables heating and cooling equipment to collaborate for performance that is quieter, smoother and more efficient.

Energy-Saving Programs

The Infinity System Control makes saving simple. This easy-to-use interface adapts, learns and communicates with the entire Infinity System for powerful, energy-efficient programmable settings, precise energy tracking and to-the-dollar saving intelligence.

Maximum Control

Complete system control is presented in this compact, newly improved and easy-to-navigate interface. It's designed to make your life better and comfort less complicated.

Turn to the Experts.

For more information about Carrier® products or to learn how your home can benefit from a Carrier system, contact a dealer today.

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