MAN presents trucks to mayors at march to Brasilia

    June 10, 2015

    Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil

    Man presents trucks to mayors at Brasilias’ Mach

    Public managers from across the country will check closely the VW 9160 Delivery
    MAN Latin America, manufacturer of Volkswagen and MAN trucks and buses, will attend the 18th March to Brasilia in Defense of Municipalities, which will take place from May 25 to May 28 in the Brazilian federal capital. Public managers from across the country will check closely the Volksbus 15,190 ODR, adapted to the Way to School program; and the VW Delivery 9160, which guarantees school meals nationwide through the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE).
    Organized by the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), the municipal movement hopes to attract more than five thousand participants, including mayors, deputy mayors, secretaries and councilors. "Our participation in such a relevant event reinforces the guideline MAN to deliver assertive solutions to an increasingly challenging market. The vehicles will be exhibited in our booth were adjusted specifically to meet the demands of the federal government and make a difference for the people," said Ricardo Alouche, Sales Vice President, Marketing and After Sales of MAN Latin America.
    MAN Latin America is the automaker with the largest number of buses delivered to the Federal Government's Way to School program. More than 15,000 Volksbus, carrying children and adolescents into the most remote parts of the countryside. From its configuration tailored, the Volksbus 15,190 ODR (which meets the requirements ORE2, which stands for Rural School Bus Reinforced East) does not find difficulties in overcoming severe conditions of floor and relief to ensure adequate transportation to students, avoiding evasion school.
    As for the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE), the National Education Development Fund (FNDE), MAN Latin America offers the VW 9160 Delivery truck, ideal for this application, since it combines agility and flexibility on short and medium distances. The automaker won in early 2014 the bid that secured the right to market to municipalities across the country 500 trucks to transport food.
    The vehicle comes complete with implementation of a chest refrigerator. Plus a special paint with yellow color, it is equipped with two batteries. It also received an increase in rear overhang of 700 mm and has two 150-liter fuel tanks, prepared for interconnection. The two tanks were provided to the truck support long commutes in hard to reach locations without the need for quick supply.