Carrier’s Jon Shaw Named a 2016 “Food Logistics Champion: Rock Star of the Supply Chain”

March 30, 2016

Rueil-Malmaison, France

Jon Shaw, director, Sustainability & Communications, Carrier Transicold & Refrigerated Systems, was named a recipient of the second annual “Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain” award. Food Logistics, a publication dedicated exclusively to the global food and beverage supply chain, conceived the award as a way to recognize influential individuals and organizations in the food/beverage industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and continue to attain milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation throughout the global food supply chain.

Shaw leads Carrier's efforts to extend the global food supply by making the higher connection between sustainable cold chain practices and feeding a growing population. He has designed research and global events, including Carrier’s World Cold Chain Summit to Reduce Food Waste, to broaden the dialogue on the future of food. These summits, held in London in 2014 and Singapore in 2015, convened nearly 200 worldwide experts in the discussion and supporting research to transform the way food is safely and sustainably transported, preserved and distributed.

“The facts about food waste, hunger and malnutrition are alarming, and impossible to ignore,” Shaw said. “Today, the world produces enough food to feed 10 billion people, yet one out of every nine people on the planet – 800 million – go to bed hungry every night. One third or more of the food produced every year is never eaten, yet more than 50 percent of the wasted food can have its shelf life extended by the cold chain. Only 10 percent of worldwide perishable foods are refrigerated today, so there is immense opportunity to cut food waste and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions by implementing and improving the cold chain.

“It’s not a question of ‘Do we grow enough food?’ At Carrier, we believe the ‘Age of Food Efficiency’ is upon us, using the same food supply base that produces enough to feed 10 billion people – enough for those on the planet today and for those that will join us by 2050 – and in the process avoiding more production and environmental emissions that come with it. The potential to extend food supplies, with the help of an improved green cold chain, is extraordinary.”

Shaw also oversaw a research study by the University of Nottingham, U.K., to measure the impact of reducing food loss in the global cold chain. His inspiration to lead the food waste reduction effort stems from his experience over the past two decades of participating in the development and growth of the green building movement.

“Our industry benefits from the vision and dedication of early pioneers and contemporary entrepreneurs alike who understand the uniquely integrated relationship between people and the global food supply chain,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editor-in-chief at Food Logistics. “From farmers to transportation providers and others who play a part in the global food supply chain, this award is Food Logistics’ way of celebrating the talented trailblazers and inspirational mentors whose work deserves acknowledgement and appreciation.”

Individuals and organizations that earn a place within the “Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain” award is profiled in the March 2016 issue of Food Logistics, as well as online at

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