Innovative Inertia Probes Help Carrier Transicold’s DataCOLD 600™ Temperature Recorder Manage Cold Chain Traceability

Nov 19, 2015

Rouen, France

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The integrity of transport refrigeration systems is necessary to ensure consistent and reliable traceability of the cargo being shipped. Multiple door openings during urban deliveries create significant challenges for maintaining cold chain control, particularly during the summer season. Carrier Transicold’s new DataCOLD 600™ temperature recorder, combined with inertia probes, can precisely track temperature variations to help maintain cargo integrity. Carrier Transicold, operating in France as Carrier Transicold France, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Inspired by the industry’s increasing use of connected technology, the use of DataCOLD 600 recorders with inertia probes makes it possible to record temperature variations independently, ensuring the full traceability of goods even if they are packed separately. Temperature recorders, which store the temperature data of the refrigeration unit across a journey, have been made mandatory by the European Union’s legislation for frozen goods, minced meat or processed meat that exceed one hour of transport. Carrier Transicold’s DataCOLD range is fully compliant with these European regulations, and has been tested and approved in accordance with the Directive on Electromagnetic Compatibility 72/245 / EEC as amended by rule R10.

Carrier Transicold’s new inertia probes provide an innovative means to track and adapt these temperatures inside the refrigerated compartment according to data from the probes. Whereas a conventional temperature probe is placed directly inside the box, reacting immediately to all temperature variations such as from a door opening, the inertia probes are standard temperature probes placed in a hermetically sealed oil bath. In this configuration, the oil limits the impact that fluctuations in air variations can have on the probe. The probe reacts only when there is a real change in temperature within the package.

This advanced solution is the result of the collaboration between Carrier Transicold France and Martin Brower France to simplify and better manage temperature-sensitive cargo traceability.

“The field trial participants were impressed by the accuracy of the recorded temperatures, the improved management performances and the low cost of operation achieved with the inertia probes,” said Gérard Divaret, technical director, Martin Brower France.

The new DataCOLD 600 recorder is an essential first step toward more connectivity in temperature control. This innovative device can record temperatures with six independent probes developed to collect multi-temperature data. Like any efficient data acquisition device, Carrier’s DataCOLD recorders come with high-performance software that enables a simpler return and better data analysis.

“Innovation is part of Carrier Transicold’s DNA,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, general manager, Carrier Transicold Southern Europe. “Food safety is a high customer priority for which we develop the most efficient technologies. With this innovative system of inertial probes and connectivity provided by the DataCOLD 600 recorders, Carrier Transicold helps to improve cold chain control to ensure temperature-sensitive cargo integrity and freshness.”

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