Xarios 350 hits the market

March 15, 2016

Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Xarios 350

Xarios 350 is the newest release of Carrier Transicold to offer the market an ideal solution for the transport of refrigerated cargo. The equipment is designed to meet specific distribution of products requiring high-temperature control in large urban centers, with coupled system to the motor vehicle and three-phase electric motor 220/380 volts, with automatic reverser voltage. This equipment has a touch panel in cabin with alarm codes that tell the driver any eventual failure. Using the environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A fluid, makes this machine has high performance for transporting products that require low temperatures. It has an exclusive heating system and efficient defrosting system with slim evaporator installed on the ceiling. Its simple, lightweight and easy to install fairing allows mounting in any van or truck. In the semi light / light category has the highest segment capacity with full 01 year warranty. This is Carrier proving quality, tested in all countries around the world.