Emotion e lots of lessions: 3rd National Convention finished sucessfully

March 8, 2016

Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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The third edition of the Carrier Transicold Brazil National Convention, which brought together members of the Service Center Network, Sales Agents, special guests and direct and indirect employees of Carrier Transicold Brazil for three days of special activities in Torres / RS exceeded the expectations of participants. The morning lectures were enriching and explored the theme "Think Big" masterfully. In addition to Carrier Transicold Brazil’s team collaboration, the Convention received a lecture by General Manager of Carrier Transicold of Mexico, Jesus Estrada, who won the sympathy of the public speaking Portuguese very well. A surprise talk delighted the guests with a motivational theme that inspired the participants between dynamic and important tips on neurolinguistic programming.

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During afternoons, the participants were able to enjoy planned excursions and activities such as soap soccer, abseiling, Guarita Park track among others. With the help of the weather, which was sunny and warm most days, people could be enchanted by the beauty of the city of Torres. 

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During evenings, guests enjoyed a night out by the pool with Hawaiian theme on Thursday, a traditional barbecue to the sound of the renowned musician Dante Ramon Ledesma on Friday and the long-awaited dinner celebrating the Next Level Brazil Award on Saturday.

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On the night of the Awards, the guests celebrated with the winners of the night and were surprised with the surprises we have prepared for all. In addition to an exclusive video recorded during the Convention with the participants (see the video here), Ms. Ivete Decesaro sent a message video for her two sons awarded on the Next Level Program: Antonio and André Decesaro.

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Emotion, joy, knowledge and relationship were present during our Convention, which made all participants to reflect on how to get farther and farther side by side with Carrier.

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3ª Convenção traz tema inspirador