PREST-SERV sets consistent partnership with Carrier

Sep 6, 2016

Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil


PREST-SERV sets consistent partnership with Carrier.

PREST-SERV is an active company in the transport industry, storage, logistics and promotional packaging. In the market for 30 years, the company is recognized for quality and good services that they offer to customers of the segment. With a 50 thousand square meters headquarters located in the city of Jundiaí / SP, the PREST-SERV is different with its own fleet, which is constantly monitored and tracked via satellite.

With over 100 equipment installed, the fleet of the brand has Sider, Chest and Chilled type of trucks, with capacity from 28 to 30 pallets. Among the 12 branches throughout the country, are units located in major Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo, Triangulo Mineiro, Campo Grande, Cuiaba, Goiania, Wansbeck, Curitiba among others.

The main differential of PREST-SERV as transportation, logistics and distribution provider, are the excellence of food products transport; the integration of all subsidiaries with the matrix via TMS; hand labor for palletizing as standard customers as hypermarkets and wholesalers; cross docking for service scheduled loads without additional cost; the monitored security; extended property insurance; equipment for heavy and light cargo handling; the availability of spare pallets and flow management, eliminating misplacement and able management and available for interventions in all areas of delivery.

Customer Testimonial
"Nine months ago, we opened a space for Carrier to perform a test with the X4 7300 equipment. The experience was positive and the result pleased us. From this opening, after two months, we have purchased 5 units of VECTOR 8500 equipment. Over the next eight months, in which we used the equipment, we concluded that their performance is very good and we are enjoying quite the result and provided maintenance service. Faced with competition, we are comfortable in a commercial situation, to choose Carrier, mainly by the space that the brand has achieved within the PREST-SERV, which facilitates future negotiations. In addition, our customers are satisfied with the partnership. The sustainable character that takes VECTOR was one of the reasons that made us choose the equipment because it reduces the emission of pollutants. In general, we are pleased with Carrier's equipments and satisfied with their performance."

João Franzini.
Head Director.