Copacol and Carrier’s Project is released at ATMOP’s event

July 7, 2015

Nova Aurora, Paraná, Brazil

Copacol and Carrier’s Project is released at ATMOP’s event

Nearly 400 people attended the Copacol's recreation association in Nova Aurora, on June 13th in the event held by ATMOP (Association of Western Paraná Half Shippers), which the CARRIER was honored to be invited to patronize. The ATMOP is today 50 companies in the refrigerated transport industry, both Truck and Trailer.

The entire board of directors were present, and so do Copacol's. The event was intended to show what ATMOP is and what it represents to Copacol and the region. It should be noted special thanks made by the Director of Management Mr. Evano to Carrier for their professional performance in the region. At the time, the mayor officiated the donation of land for the construction of the ATMOP own headquarters. Among the guests were present three city councilors and the public prosecutor.

It was raffled gifts to all participants as well as 400 shirts for the event.  The animation was done by the local singer Claudio. On that occasion, in conversation with the Board of Copacol, we started the Copacol and Carrier - Cold Chain Project, an iniciative that propose the standardization and parameters deployment  for the transport of Copacol.