Carrier participates in the Wholesale Distributor Annual Convention

Aug 18, 2015

Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Carrier marca presença na Convenção Anual do Atacadista Distribuidor

Alongside representatives of Potyguara Service Center, Carrier had an outstanding presence in the largest segment of the business meeting in Latin America, where supply chain professionals exposed products, equipment and services that generate great business opportunities. The Convention is organized by ABAD (Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors) in partnership with the 27 state affiliates of ABAD. The event was held in the CEC - Ceara Exhibition Centre, one of the most modern in Brazil. A total of two hundred exhibitors participated in the event which received about thirty thousand visitors from various regions of Brazil, during the four days long. Carrier was the only company in the refrigerated transport sector in the event, and this was one of the feedbacks received from the visitors themselves. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this such an incredible experience.