Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces


When your thoughts drift back to heating and cooling, you’ll want to anchor your system with a Carrier® oil furnace. During the colder months it sends waves of warm, cozy comfort to your living areas. In the summer, it can be a central part of your air conditioning system as well, distributing cool, refreshing air throughout your home. And it continues to keep the air in your home moving all year long, helping improve comfort by keeping temperatures more consistent throughout your home.

Carrier oil furnaces bring the heat with high efficiency and variable-speed models that can save energy, enhance your comfort, and help reduce summertime humidity as well. Designed to deliver for years to come and backed by the indoor comfort experts at Carrier, we offer a variety of models to fit virtually any situation, including upflow, downflow, horizontal and low-ceiling installations.

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Powerful, Precision Oil Burning Furnace Technology

If anyone knows what makes an oil furnace tick, it’s Carrier. Our commitment to comfort technology and lasting quality go back to 1902, and we’re not slowing down. For example, the Performance™ 80 includes our variable-speed ECM blower. It operates at the lowest speed possible to provide the right amount of airflow to meet your home’s needs. The result: quiet, efficient comfort all year long and, paired with the right equipment, summertime humidity control as well. Throughout our oil furnace line, a Carrier exclusive combustion/heat exchanger combination quickly and efficiently converts oil to heat so you can enjoy soothing warmth in your home. And, all models include our unique combustion silencer system which helps isolate sound, allowing you to experience your comfort in peace. However, if you have gas as your fuel source, you can learn more about our full line of gas furnaces here.

Oil Furnaces for Any Home – Any Budget

Carrier offers a selection of versatile models designed to fit any home and a variety of budgets. Our Performance™ series models deliver our highest efficiency and the comfort benefits of variable-speed operation – more consistent temperature control and quieter operation. Our more budget-friendly Comfort™ series units can still achieve great performance with all of the built-in quality, support and backing of the inventor of modern air conditioning – Carrier. To find out more information about the cost of a new furnace, contact a Carrier HVAC Dealer.

Energy Efficient Oil Furnace Heaters

Compare the efficiency between different models using the AFUE rating -- the higher the AFUE, the better the efficiency. Current high efficiency models can be rated up to 86.6.5% AFUE. In many cases, our Carrier high efficiency furnaces also include technology that can produce enhanced comfort benefits and quieter operation as well.

What Size Oil Furnace Is Right for Me?

Answering the question “what size oil furnace do I need?” can be complicated. Oil furnace sizing refers to the amount of heating capacity the furnace can deliver, measured in BTU/h. Calculating the right size is critical to your comfort, your system’s efficiency, and long-term reliability. The calculation involves a number of variables, including home square footage, number of windows, R-value of insulation and more, and is best performed by an expert Carrier HVAC Dealer.

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