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What Is Geothermal?

There may be big savings buried in your backyard. With a Carrier® geothermal home comfort system, increased energy efficiency may be waiting just below the surface. Because it taps into the year-round thermal energy stored in the ground, geothermal is among the most energy-efficient, cost-effective home comfort systems available today.

Why a Geothermal System Might Be Right for You

The benefits of geothermal start with savings but don’t end there. Carrier geothermal heat pumps come with two-stage or variable-speed blowers that ensure even temperatures year-round and excellent dehumidification. Plus, since the unit is installed indoors, the lifespan is longer than an ordinary outdoor HVAC unit.


Every home is different. That’s why Carrier offers a number of system options to ensure your home is fitted with the best geothermal solution.

New Homes/Replace Existing Systems

Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to make your current address a more comfortable and efficient one, there are several advantages to considering a geothermal system.

Quieter, More Reliable Equipment

Infinity® geothermal heat pumps operate at decibel levels that are quieter than a typical conversation[1]. And, because they’re kept indoors, they are not subject to weather, pollution and other outdoor hazards, yielding lifespans of up to 20+ years[2].

Professional Installation From Your Carrier® Expert

Because Carrier systems are so reliable and so meticulously installed, Infinity geothermal is backed by a 10-year parts and labor limited warranty[3]. Carrier has a network of trained service technicians who can install your new system or diagnose and address any issue. This is part of a company legacy that dates back to 1902, when Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning.

Loop Systems

Geothermal systems use an underground loop system to tap into the consistent ground temperature to efficiently heat and cool your home. There are four types of loop configurations: horizontal, vertical, pond loops and loops that tap into well water. See below to discover the configuration that will be right for your home.


Perfect for larger lots, horizontal loops sit four to six feet below the surface. Some use a single pipe, and others use two or three circuits in order to shorten the trench length.


For smaller lots, your Carrier geothermal dealer may recommend a vertical loop system. This configuration loops down into the ground, instead of further out.

Pond Loops

A pond is a great source of energy, even when covered in ice. Pond loops can be a very economical solution. The only digging required is a trench from the pond to the house.

Well-Water Loops

Well-water loops, also known as open loops, use existing water wells in lieu of pipes in the ground. Instead of recirculating water, open loop systems simply discharge it once it has passed through the geothermal unit.

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There’s an array of geothermal products to suit all sorts of homes. Check out the full line of Carrier geothermal products to find the right system for you.

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