Why Are More Businesses Using Spot Coolers for their IT Equipment?

11/02/2016 08:00:00


The weather is starting to cool down as we approach the holiday season. However, in a commercial data center or server room, the heat is constantly there. The data center industry is expected to grow by double in size by 2021. This is driven by cloud services, including streaming video and music. However, even on a smaller scale, businesses that set up their own on-premise server can expect to invest more in equipment and consolidation efforts to meet growing data demands. Whether we’re talking about major data centers to small server rooms that look like closets, one of the most important things that all data center managers and IT personnel must consider is cooling.

There are a number of factors that will influence how efficient cooling is in a data center or server room. First, there is the issue of layout. Hot aisle layout and cold aisle layout systems have traditionally been used to manage air flow. The type of server rack cabinet will affect air flow management as well. Traditionally, raised flooring helped to keep the temperatures down in the server room or data center. Moreover, data center and IT personnel have aimed to minimize the use of multiple servers and obsolete equipment, which may produce more heat as well.

Cooling IT Equipment with an Adequate HVAC Solution


However, the most important factor in ensuring proper cooling in a data center or server room is the HVAC system being used. Typically, in a data center, a specialized HVAC system is used to ensure temperatures don’t get too high as the IT equipment runs. Data center managers may also have portable air conditioners or spot coolers in places where more uneven heat is generated or for specific times of the year when the weather is warmer and the HVAC system is not enough.

For small server rooms, a separate HVAC system may not be impossible. Experts recommend keeping the cooling system as simple as possible to ensure the temperature and humidity levels of the room remain at an acceptable level. Therefore, the best option may be spot coolers – even on a permanent level. Spot coolers are more flexible solutions, and they are way less expensive. In addition to that, server consolidation means that the IT equipment in use that occupies a space as small as a closet is generating a lot of heat. Direct cooling from a spot cooler may make the most sense, especially in the wintertime when an existing cooling solution may not be viable.

In addition to that, spot cooler rentals are a smart idea to serve as a supplement cooling solution for specific situations. We mentioned heat waves, but equipment failure – a common problem in data centers and server rooms – is another scenario where spot cooler rentals may be necessary. You’ll need a rental company that offers a variety of spot coolers for various applications, can provide a quick turnaround, and has affordable pricing.

Whether you’re looking for spot cooling rentals for an emergency situation or looking for used quality spot coolers to save even further on your cooling costs, Carrier Rental Systems can provide you with the products and services you need. Contact us today to learn more about our customized cooling solutions as well as our used equipment for sale.

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