The Ice Rink: A Holiday Classic for Town Centers, Shopping Malls and More

11/23/2016 13:39:33

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is this week and Black Friday is right behind it. Retailers will be heavily advertising holiday sales, the Hallmark Channel will be running feel-good family movies 24/7, and neighborhoods will be decorated with Christmas lights, wreaths, inflatable snowmen, and much more. One trend that has emerged in recent holiday seasons is the addition of temporary ice rinks in many town centers and shopping malls across the country.

There are many reasons why more organizations and municipalities are making an investment in temporary rinks. First and foremost, it is budget-friendly as it’s not a year-round commitment. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. Here are several more reasons to consider:

It Brings in Shoppers

In the past ten years, the way people shop over the holidays has changed tremendously. More people are shopping online to avoid the lines and troubles of trying to find a parking spot. In addition to that, it never rains and there’s no traffic in your living room. Shopping malls have to offer more than just goods; they need to offer a fun experience that will bring people out of their homes. Ice rinks can be a major draw for these shoppers, and it can be a perfect way for people to spend the whole day at the mall. And as we all know, the more time people spend at the mall, the more they’re likely to spend.

It Brings in Tourists

To that same point, many town municipalities and establishments spend a lot of money to decorate their town with Christmas decorations and scenes. They also organize special holiday-related events, like concerts and plays. Holiday tourism is a big business, and an ice rink is a perfect way to add to the scene. It can help bring people to your community and drive local business.

It Brings People Together

Finally, it cannot be overstated that ice skating is just plain fun. The holidays are all about coming together and spending time with family and friends. An ice rink can potentially give people a fun and low-cost holiday activity to do outside of their homes where they can see old friends, meet new ones, and take in the holiday spirit.

Carrier Can Make Your Holiday Project a Reality

Whatever the scope of your project, Carrier Rental Systems can create a turnkey solution to ensure your holiday project is on-time and on-budget. When you consider the complexities of building a temporary ice rink from the ground up, you will need an experienced vendor who can handle all aspects of your temporary ice rink project. We have worked with many different clients on their ice rink projects, and we understand the ins and outs of ice rink design and construction. We also supply all necessary temporary Carrier heating and cooling equipment to complete the project. Contact us today, so we can talk about your ice rink project and request a quote.