Summer is Coming: Carrier Chillers Can Help

05/23/2016 08:00:00

Because of Game of Thrones, the smash hit HBO series, “Winter is Coming” is one of the most iconic phrases in pop culture. The Stark family phrase is used as a foreboding reminder that a great, long, cold winter is approaching and all must be prepared for the worst. In our world, the impending seasons are always on our mind as we must have industrial heating or cooling systems ready to go at a moment notice.


While winter may be on the way in the Game of Thrones universe, in America, “summer is coming,” and with it comes a huge increase in the need for chiller rentals. While the Stark phrase echoes the importance of preparedness, often the need for a chiller rental is something that comes up unexpectedly. This is often seen when a heat wave hits hard and a factory is left with a unit that is overworked and improperly functioning. However, those who plan ahead can put their business in a spot to save money in their time of greatest need.

The importance of a reliable cooling system can’t be overstated. When these systems are asked to keep food or other perishable goods cold, millions of dollars can be at stake. We are a provider of rental chillers because they are often much more cost effective for the summer months than buying a completely new unit that is able to meet the demands of the summer months. By simply renting a chiller with us, our customers are able to save money and come in under budget on their projects.

The food industry is hardly the only industry in need of additional cooling needs in the summer. We’ve also seen a rather large increase in the construction industry recently. This boom has led to many major players in the construction world scrambling to supply the cooling they need on site for large projects. Our rental chillers are reliable and can be utilized to keep workers happy and healthy.

As we come out of a large economic recession, plants, factories, refineries and manufacturing centers are looking for a fix to their cooling needs. As business grows, the need for reliable chillers is in high demand. During the recession, many of these businesses actually pulled back on their industrial sized cooling units due to a lack of need.

Rentals are now providing an easy way to get the latest, most efficient chiller equipment. In fact, renting ensures that companies are constantly able to rely on the latest and greatest models. This not only optimizes the efficiency and productivity of the units, but it is also great for the environment. Every new model is refined to become more ecofriendly.

The latest models ready for this summer are utilizing the best in thermostat technology as well. Much like the features seen on thermostats in residential homes, project managers on industrial jobs are now able to manage the temperature regulation off-site from their smart phone or computer. The newest technology can also regulate the temperature based on the time of day and have motion sensors that will determine whether or not there are people in the area in need of cooling.

With Memorial Day fast approaching, summer is most definitely coming. Are you prepared? Contact us today to talk to an expert about your cooling needs. We look forward to helping you.

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