Save Your School Money in the Summer With Rental Air Conditioners

07/21/2016 08:00:00


It is summer again, and schools across the country from, grade schools to colleges are virtually on break. However many of these schools will continue to offer some classes, or other programs into the hottest summer months. While classrooms across America can top up to 90 degrees in mid-June, it only gets worse for students who continue on with summer programs and extra classes. In many cases students in these summer classes were struggling throughout the year without the added menace of the summer heat.

It is necessary for the administration to think about keeping both students and teachers cool in those sweltering months. However the problem can arise where administrators are faced with the conundrum of having to cool down an entire school building when they really only need to cool down one wing or as little as a few rooms.

Many modern schools have air conditioning available, but only need to use it during the later spring and early summer months of the school year, but when the outside temperature regularly remains above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, providing air conditioning for an entire building can become extra costly to districts that are already running on a tight-budget.

Where these situations exists, where perhaps only the administrative offices and a few classrooms remain active, there is great potential to save money with rental air conditioners . When schools only pay for the air conditioning that they need, then they can keep the extra budget for other programs that may be suffering as we know is all too common in this day and age.

Some public schools, still offer no air conditioning at all, and get by in May and June with only access to fans. While there is a lack of regulations on hot weather standards in the school setting, the dangers of dehydration should not be ignored, nor should the negative impact extreme heat can have on concentration and learning.

Studies have shown that concentration and cognitive abilities decline considerably after a room reaches 77 or 78 degrees, and where schools may be able to “get by” with fans and plenty of ice water, for those students in summer programs, whether they are in some form of remedial class, or advanced prep, there is simply no ignoring the heat which threatens to sap all efforts made by teachers, students and administrators alike. For schools that offer indoor summer programs but do not have the budget for permanent air conditioning units or centralized air conditioning, temporary air conditioning is a great option to spot cool an area and thereby saving children and adults from the possibly dangerous effects of dehydration as well as help to produce a better result due to increased concentration and physical ability. Air conditioning is more important than just making students more comfortable, it’s about creating an environment where students can concentrate wholeheartedly, without fatigue, without stress and most importantly without dehydration. Carrier Rentals has air conditioner rentals for almost every scenario including the classroom.

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