Renting Cooling and Heating Equipment for Your Organization’s Halloween Event

09/29/2016 08:00:00


Are you a big fan of Halloween? If so, you’re not alone. A few years ago, there was an article published in Forbes that went over how Halloween is becoming less for kids and more for adults. According to DDB Worldwide, a marketing research group, 13% of Americans aged 18-44 consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. It could be because of all the pumpkin goods. It could be because of the scary movies. However, you can eat and watch these all year round. It might be just because a lot of people simply like to dress up.

Given the popularity of Halloween for adults, many corporations and organizations will have their own Halloween parties and events in order to improve employee morale, potentially introduce new products and/or promotions, and draw potential sales/fundraising.

If your business or organization is considering organizing a Halloween party, you’ll need to do some planning in order to ensure the event goes off successfully. You may need to rent a space, order food and beverages, and get all marketing completed so everyone invited knows where, when, and other basic logistics. However, one thing that may be overlooked is comfort cooling and heating.

The Unpredictable Weather of Late October

Right now in much of the United States, we are experiencing a warmer than normal fall. In fact, the only part of the United States that will not see warmer temperatures will be the southeastern part of the United States. However, weather is highly volatile, and things can change all of the time. One year, the forecast could look more like a heatwave in late October. The next year, there could be a nor’easter. Preparing for the weather for a Halloween event can be highly difficult, which is why you’ll want a backup plan in the event that the weather decides to change things up.

Comfort Cooling and Heating Equipment from Carrier Rentals

15 kW heater

Our team here at Carrier Rentals has worked with a number of organizations for comfort cooling and heating during a special event. If it’s in the middle of summer, it might be a no brainer: you’ll need additional air conditioners for rent in order to facilitate your guests. However, in late October when weather can be a little more unpredictable, it might be more difficult to determine your needs.

If the weather is warm during your Halloween special event and you don’t want the guy in the gorilla costume to sweat to death, we provide temporary air conditioners at Carrier for rent of various sizes to meet your needs. The same holds true for electric heaters if the weather dips cooler.

Our team can assess your situation and provide a turnkey solution in the quickest manner possible to ensure everyone is comfortable for the Halloween event. When it comes to comfort heating and cooling, don’t get tricked by a provider who says they can meet your needs. Choose a sure thing. Choose Carrier Rental Systems for all your heating and cooling needs.

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