Keeping the Cool during Graduation

05/26/2016 08:00:00


From now until late next month, high school seniors around the country will be accepting their diplomas and moving on to the next part of their lives. It is a memorable occasion not only for the student, but a number of other people. For parents and grandparents, it is time to not only to honor the student, but also be prideful of the time and energy spent making sure he or she was prepared and remembered to pack a lunch. For teachers, it is a time to reflect on their school year and see the progress that has gotten them to that day. There’s no doubt that the day will be memorable for a number of reasons; the temperature of the room shouldn’t be one of them.

Early on, school administrators must have a plan of action to ensure students, teachers, and guests are comfortable no matter the circumstances. A graduation could attract thousands of people. Some of whom could be older or more susceptible to heat. At the very least, everyone in attendance wants to be comfortable, so they can concentrate on the event and not fanning themselves to keep cool. So how can an administrator ensure the event goes off without a hitch and everyone is comfortable?

Have a Contingency Plan Just in Case

A school may decide to hold a graduation event outside or indoors depending on their facility. If it’s outside, it’s typically at the football stadium or another area where there is a large amount of seating. In many cases, this is the best option. You can hold the most people and attendees will generally be the most comfortable as they aren’t crammed in as much.

But Mother Nature can always have her own plan. If it rains or there is a thunderstorm, the event obviously can’t be held outside. When this happens, the next best option is usually a gymnasium or auditorium, which could create a temperature problem, especially if seating is scare or there isn’t a central cooling system in place for that level of comfort cooling.

For a great majority of cases, school administration and event organizers may want to consider looking into spot cooler rentals just in case . A spot cooler is kind of like an air conditioner. It provides direct cooling to an exact spot, and it is portable. Therefore, Carrier Rental Systems cooling engineers can help assess what type of spot cooler is needed and where they should be set up to provide the maximum benefit for everyone participating.

A spot cooler is extremely efficient and much more cost-effective than other cooling methods. And because spot coolers can be moved, you will have a solution wherever the event is held, even if it is a surprise. Whether your graduation event is outside or inside, if it was the planned location or had to be moved due to an unforeseen circumstance, Carrier Rental Systems spot coolers are a fantastic solution, especially if your space, time or budget is limited.

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